Yellow Mat

Odysseus in front of Scylla and Charybdis ( Se...

Odysseus in front of Scylla and Charybdis ( See also separate articles: and ) . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What kind of paper do you want to use to turn in your business school homework? In 1996 when I just arrived at the New York City, I would reply that with no second thought, yellow matt art paper. That’s it, because it looks with higher quality than your notebook paper. But why Julia told Jack Forman not to buy the yellow mat? Hmm, lots of meanings, I think. But it could be only the personal preference of Julia, if we would say something serious about it, which really concerned me for a while, you know. I did not eat that kind of paper sugar dress or something else for my lover, but I’d been drinking a cup or two breakfast coffee and tea with sort of that kind paper mat on the table. That was in front of Queen, Elmhurst subway station of G line, before I caught the mid-night red-eye shift to fly back to Taipei.

When I was with my Toyota Break into Style 1.6 sedan, I have been to the graveyard to reminisce about my grandmother quite frequently. Sometimes I was staying there for a lunch in the restaurant, that graveyard was famous with many celebrity and a singer rest there and was next to a sight-seeing spot of sculpture park. I would have been drinking a cup of red tea for the dessert with that kind of mat on the table. You know what, the point was that I brought that mat back as a souvenir and got a fordyce condition in my upper lip. Why don’t you keep the cigarette packages or postcard stamps but a yellow mat for souvenir or hobby collecting? That’s too austere and would make my eye hurt, if I were myself a decade ago to watch me doing that, I would say so to myself, too. But at the moment when I was leaving my grandmother before setting out for New York City to pursue my graduate life, driving my father’s old emerald green Nissan 1.5 sedan to visit her with my cousins, I didn’t think about the outcome would be such an ending.

My uncle and cousins had a watch and clock retail store. They were not so affluent but was fluctuated with the environment of the neighborhood such as some bubble soda patron would fluctuate in his own business. That patron was usually making a lot of good clocks and watches for my cousin to fix. What I try to say is that this bubble soda patron later had some problems, therefore, my cousins had problems with that watch and clock retails store. When I was driving my father’s Nissan used car of the color emerald green to notify my cousins that I would go to the New York City to pursue the graduate degree, the thing was getting deteriorated. My grandfather had a bicycle made in the USA, although my grandfather had died that bike was still exhibited in my cousins’ store, exactly just the country I would be going for, they lined up beside my used emerald green car to wave a good-bye to me with extremely envy shown in their eyes. That’s why I can understand if they would harass me or made my life changed but if only I know that was just some complaints coming in during the cold winter days at Queens in 1996 before my return back to Taipei, that it was just that he wanted to get out of that in between place or just trying an escape for being caught between Scylla and Charybdis. They were my relatives and cousins.

DB, October 23, 2012

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