Zodiac Sign

The Aquarius logo.

The Aquarius logo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you learned the zodiac sign yet? That’s pretty interesting, if you look into it more carefully. My zodiac sign is Aquarius. Aqua, Aquarium, then the single Barbie Girl, that’s a band and that’s right. Coca Cola recently promoted the company’s beverage locally with blue and yellow color separately of two mineral sports drinks. The name of the Coca Cola’s sports drink is called Aquarius. But the local brand name in Chinese language did not bear Aquarius but Dynamic Element with it for these years, because the patent and trademark office had criticized the Coca Cola company using one of the zodiac sign as their Coca Cola’s own brand name. And the company at the moment was glad to follow the legal advice of local patent and trademark office to be political correct. Hmm, I would think that my incentive system was a weaker one, for my personal Yahoo! Kimo website blog, I had downloaded an Aquarius blue patch as base pattern to replicate to form a mosaic website background before it was forced to shut down by law court order in this August. I think that they did warn me for several times together with some of the warnings from Facebook, I cannot make it out very clearly. But at least I did not use that zodiac sign Aquarius as the personal blog name, to violate that kind of generalization regulation and political correctness. However, my Yahoo! Kimo personal blog did have been shut down by the seizure of local criminal police and district court. Fair enough? Everyday I write, surely I would say no, no rights. Right with that? Can I do that pronunciation?

When the words are putting down on paper, that would be hard to get it back. Still, there are other better off methods to cover. Because a picture is worth a thousand words, you know? How to get a picture? Yes, use the camera and make your photo. But firstly you must have a camera, whether it is a digital one. Maybe you can catch some picture of horses in blue sky, and that would be beautiful and comfort for the public graduate school some decades ago. I think so, I cannot agree more. I would not ask who is it, all right. I would learn not to say Wei but only say hello on the telephone instead. But who was him holding that little green plant on March 17, the Irish St. Patrick Day, really?

DB, October 24, 2012


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