Climate Change

Apple Mac Carabiner

Apple Mac Carabiner (Photo credit: acordova)

What brought you in your university days to take a course of junior English oral class when you were only a sophomore and made a climate change presentation in front of the senior? Not that destiny Knight of the the Templar bumped into you to show kind of epiphany but a brochure of nuclear electric power from your father’s company conveniently put upon your table for you to scanned to the laser printer to be ready material as a base to present. That was not of carbon reducing incentive, only providing rhetoric rich in ideas, at least in your university year. But that is essential background for building up university democracy, isn’t it? Recently I have some ideas which was actually coming to my sense, but in the states of related evidence of promising law school students to prepare for school debates or thesis project, sometimes they have got their own Apple Mac i-books to search for the serendipitous results of unknown apart realm of a controversial subject, also as a base for their presentation materials. That would be sort of university forum to sponsor that analysis and research, for engineering discipline or for law school subject as well. Could we say these are the same thing?

Climate change. Yes, long term weather report has dynamic outcomes to show you now that it is autumn. Even in this ever spring island of the Far East part of the globe, you could feel the difference. Can we take the business class jet and at the same time reduce the carbon footprint? It was not your Harris tweed jacket, not the video game of ranger class, not the college English class, but an European tour British Airway BA business class. Didn’t George W. Bush years later release news to the press that he boarded the same airline? At least I saw that BA mark printed on the airplane in the media. It was a round trip ticket offered to me from Zurich to Frankfurt, with Zurich citizen persuading me to stay and some orient tourist notified to be my classmate and Citibank Visa Gold call center message. Yes, climate change in a situation such as this, and all we can feel that the weather has changed. Not weather, that’s called climate.

All right. Last time I was ready to meet the press, that was outdoors in the local cinema complex, just waiting. A local media with their camera shooting around to come by my side to ask me. I can feel that they would like to ask me how I feel in that occasion. Maybe I was just thinking too much. There was no such thing they would come to find me. Feel free to find a standby passenger to make an interview for their television program. Not really, it was dubious that a wretch such as me who was only with the police record to be stolen car owner, or actually only a driver of that engine number masked Toyota 1.6 class. I heard that car as a company free gift sample originally produced only as 1500 cc engine but to be rebuilt engine part as 1600 cc. How austere would a customer to do with that crime over a decade without a final resort? Your counterpart not only built relationship by a contract in glamorous general rank with your colony lords but also was hiring assassinator covered by your own people to approach you in front of their own motel chain. Would you need some additional facility to boost up your emotional intelligence or social intelligence? Climate change, I think that for a mother-xxcker like you need was to hear the department advice around that year, to go to visit your doctor and do some intake. That was one of the most intimate person except for your own mother since decades ago you still was a baby. Not that relationship built up in the New York City with a photo shooting on the school open day but an intimate relationship since several months old. I think just like Mr George W. Bush told us what he thinks that you should listen to your mother, and I think that I should also listen to her. All right.

DB, October 27, 2012

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