switzerland (Photo credit: siette)

From online dictionary we can look up the word Egoism, which means the habit of valuing everything only in reference to one’s personal interest. A synonym to Egoism is Egotism, which means excessive and objectionable reference to oneself in conversation or writing, conceit, boastfulness, self-centeredness. The meaning of the phrase Common Ground is a foundation of common interest or comprehension, while a stance in mountaineering is a place at the top of a pitch where a climber can stand and belay. If we were to share the stance we would not be that critical about that sort of investigation into the history phenomenon of the India Gandhi Satyagrahi of nonviolent resistance and parallel to the American case of blacks that struggle to ride the city buses in Georgia. Or were we writing biased blog only to schmooze, both wasting our time or something else? I cannot say that it is the case for it is stance of myself.

Many years ago I heard it from newspaper that an international exchange student coming from Switzerland to this country, and the airplane crashed into the sea of Taiwan Strait. The Switzerland mother who was bereaved of her son followed me up back to Taiwan when I took a personal visit tour to the European continent, they told her at one Zurich alley that I was from Taiwan and a second lieutenant officer for a redemption, I was silent about that intangible comment and she seemed to be white. But she came with her neighbor of ethnic Asian just like me. The bereaved Swiss white woman stayed in Taipei local hotel, had her Asian neighbor come to the embassy for a negotiation but from message only source I could not make out what they would try to negotiate. That Asian neighbor was killed on scene in front of the embassy although she was a citizen of Switzerland from Zurich. The Swiss white woman bereaved of son was stunned by her neighbor being killed. She had never told me she was coming to Taiwan, nor what to negotiated with the embassy. The local information when I stayed in library at Taipei City argued that the ethnic Asian of Zurich citizen was representing her neighbor to negotiate with embassy, but she never mentioned about anything concerned my personal details, only said a name of my university classmate. And must be something they said in front of the embassy annoyed the blacks in the USA and that Asian Zurich citizen got slaughtered on scene. There were none of our business, and we should better keep silence about this stuff, as the intangible comment goes around the library area at Taipei City. Years later after that event, I don’t know whether such an information coming in at the library at Taipei City was a rumor or not. Nor do I know if there was anything happened to my classmate whose name was mentioned in front of the embassy after that slaughter of a Zurich Asian citizen. There are some rumors recently that he was killed but I am not sure. That’s all that I have known, and I think that is what I have to know, enough. Another accompany old woman at the Zurich airport was from the Taiwan Consulate at Switzerland, assumed the Switzerland citizenship when the Asian Zurich citizen died at Taipei. She never told me about these manslaughter.

David Chang, SSN057-86-4042,

October 29, 2012


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