You’ve Got Mail. But where is Meg Ryan?

‪中文(繁體)‬: 新北市立圖書館新店分館3樓流通櫃檯。

‪中文(繁體)‬: 新北市立圖書館新店分館3樓流通櫃檯。 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday I lost my blue planner in the library at New Taipei City. That’s because I was too eager for adding the Chinese language translation of my essay to the Plurk microblog and rushed out the library to forget the planner on the library computer table before the library alerted the readers that the library would close within ten minutes. But how come it would be that? Would it be that I tried McDonald’s newly outlet farther from the library near the HsinPu subway entrance and skipped the old outlet of McDonald’s in front of the City Council near the very library, and which the McDonald’s owners were hiring New York City lawyers for their lawsuit currently proceeding in district court with that I am the privy? So inconvenient and so abrupt that if someone still keep watching me so as to hurt their eyes when they have observed my activity in that instead of this fast food restaurant? Or if it only because I had mentioned that I would rather leave this WORLD(World of the Warcraft online game) and go to the Hollywood movies in local cinema complex of that Canadian IMAX? Was it that some stupid brigade of citizens consistently coming near and catching me on the city bus route to Taipei City from the suburbs now being the French Quarter of New Taipei City, rehearsing again and again what that 1996 AmTrek train bound to Long Island of New York State of Long Beach that to the political concerns to be afraid of that assassinators would find and intercept me to threaten my life in the states? Before yesterday I lost the planer at the New Taipei City Library around PM 4:55 library close time putting on the computer table, on the city bus on route back to New Taipei City from Taipei City Carrefour mall, that city bus Korean Hyundai pilot system was taking up additional ticket fare of NTD$15 besides when I got on the bus in front of the French Carrefour Mall at Taipei City with NTD$7 ticket fare paid, that could be intended to annoy me before the planer de facto was taken. That, if only that was a plot, could be caught off guard, that could be said to be committed, with measurable intent, able to be recorded as evidence, except that it would not be a civil rights issue without morality of preaching purpose to distinguish itself from that crap, crust, and the crest of the hill where a Ryan or a Wright would normally dwell in. Did you know where was Ryan? That pretty Meg Ryan in the Hollywood movie, You’ve Got Mail? Don’t know? Find it, and you would get the answer. Will you?

Today at New Taipei City Library I filled a seeking for lost personal belongings form to register that lost blue planer, also I went to the Carrefour mall counter at Taipei City to write down my name and address with telephone number to ask for assistance to find that blue planer.

David Chang, SSN057-86-4042,

October 30, 2012


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