Sea Around the Soil

Musee du Louvre

Musee du Louvre (Photo credit: edwin.11)

Why use eyes square see into the truth but still cannot find it? Handshaking with somebody. Can we answer the call from far away place that sea surrounds the soil, or the soils surrounded by sea? How to fetch a lovely one without getting wet when it was in torrents but only pay more transportation, galaxy, or taxi fare? Somewhere you could reach in dry eyes with carbon footprint but reach, keep in touch, should be no longer talk so loud, walk so proud, would be some annoying wretch, stand kind of civility and finally it would be allowed, for pregnant lover, Sabbath-breaker, takes a swing at the womanizing and at the Thanksgiving white turkey around the blossomed roses, or tulips, watching the flowers grow in our avant-garde, garden. Do you get the sea, see squarely, or girly? Could it be that it already had a name and would that be its name? When did Bezu Fache meet Robert Langdon? The Louvre in Paris, Pantheon in Rome, could it be somewhere in the European continent instead of somewhere of the Far East island? What Dan Brown says about that he talked into a walkie-talkie, Stephen King says that he talked in a devil telecom. You know that they are English teachers. But this time, why no one learns from the lesson?

Too small an audience would that be the cause which makes a book store stopped being revived? Or too glamorous, too ignorant, too enclosed, too easy, too elder or too old, to go, to fit into the out of fashion, outdated clothes, leading to the paranormal phenomenon which observed by the crowd or only being known something about that by one single audience in the Far East part? Could it be Nebraska, are you sure? Las Vegas, wouldn’t it depicted vividly on the newspaper report when you feel that the information was close to you? The farthest fort in the wild west, in excited exclamation, wow, we did it on Wednesday to see in Westfall, the Sentinel Hill? How could that be a Wesley brother in his illuminati order to iterate that foot in its mouth words again and again until the old woman being observed to bypass whose heart in its own hearts with an ordinary cold to stay in hospital but passed away gross negligently mistreated. She had dropped by the hospitals to be the witness, twice, 16/19, two tours. Would that be only wet carbon footprint? Down the street, followed a taxi to save the fare, if only you followed a bus could not save more.

DB, October 31, 2012

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