How to Be Insensitive

Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton (Photo credit: Lazy Susan 23)

First the rubber came in an infant age, when the shortage of material was not uncommon. However, it lost its dummy in those days and its father did not buy it another to make it envy its sibling with their dummy in their mouths just like recently I lost my blue Hapor planner. Whom to blame? But I have another makeshift Keny planner of black cover with brown rims. It was just like a fraud file created two and a half decades ago by the dude about your father who did some bribery not bartering when he joined the party in his company, but it was in the anniversary of your prestige municipal high school, and that in the depiction your father sounds like a country folk volunteered to be that pigeon. Things seemed to become different when that accused Uncle Sam, not that Uncle Joe, meet me half way around university campus. You know, sort of, sort of like that things will be getting changed. But two decades were gone, the whole stuff still is phony. Hey, Knightly! You want in that stuff? Oh, everybody around the world need that stuff which was called democracy, come on. And you need another phony ethical committee or ethics committee to persecute me for a new stuff all my life? Xxck you! You killed my grandmother by such phony committee in the admission pool of Ivy League prestige Colombia University.

I know that you said another Ivy League Harvard University alumni in his pseudo name sending my name for signing that central and premium agent contract which salary was depicted as that in all my life would have no chance to reach. And blame me, for bad-mannered, that was my friend George from Texas to blame me for that I didn’t bid good-by to leave the American soil. Had I held the hand of my friend Bezu from Paris too tight to hurt him when we were shaking hands with each other? Was I a nerd? Have had enough? I was not sure. I felt insecure. All right. Why don’t you try some McCarthyism of the different color(from red)? If you can set aside the malign abuse case with name had been inquired by the gubernatorial magistrate without accurate birth date but with the Zodiac Aquarius known, instead of filing to the United Nations, he made the makeshift, of a color discriminating secret file, finally as an excuse to cover his wife being exposed to criticizing public opinions resulting from the City College school open day photo shooting with the abuse child leading to his grandmother medical mistreated to death in his hometown. That’s politics, you know, phony and shameless. But my younger sister and my mother were kept waking me up from that sound sleep a decade ago in X-file tv program, “You don’t remember? The picture hanging on the wall of FBI office? Robert W. C. or W.J.C.? Bill Clinton?” They sounds like pretty YWCA English teacher little Eva Ivory, who met me and my sisters in the movie theater when we still could see Michael J. Fox to be the featuring character in the Hollywood movies. Pretty English teacher Eva Ivory told me to find Robert Clinton because he had just elected to the White House. That was those days, and maybe that I should call that rubber to meet the road, a soothing and transition makeshift alike process. After all, we all have been getting by these years and things would never change.

DB, November 1, 2012

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