Patterns; Legal System Field Survey Report

Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center (Photo credit: henry alva)

Taiwan famous computer company Chief Executive Officer(CEO)’s young son last August in the early morning standing on street at Banciao near the community which he recently lodged, he told a foreign stranger who escaped from suburb Kiwanis camp with hand gun that he was the computer company manager, and they seemed to argue for something. The stand-off lasted for an hour and the foreigner wanted the notebook computer at the young son’s hand but refused. The early morning commuter time traffic was busy with pedestrians, motorcycles, and cars roaring by, the young son bullied the foreigner but got shot dead aimed at his abdomen. The scene was closely observed by the surveillance camera across the street of some internet cafe. That internet cafe was an underground tunnel entry which were long used by some runaway passengers. Within 72 hours, there was a picture shot of that suburb Kiwanis camp crew hanged out in that internet cafe, facing that shot-dead spot earlier in the morning, laughing and chatting, with one or two local familiar faces to be recognized on the picture. The assassin came out from Kiwanis camp, carried by an intermediary with motorcycle sent him to that spot and fetched him back to the Kiwanis camp, which bears the pattern of professional killing possibly with money paid.

The second case was a New York Taiwanese student with Canadian nationality. His father was airplane pilot. The gunman was seeking him from New York to Taiwan. That New York student is still survived up to this moment because when he had found out the killer was seeking him, he changed his identity several times with lots of identity theft third parties covered him, and the killer was not very clear who exactly he was. Besides, his pilot father had died by gun shot assassination to close the deal. The pattern of this case is similar to the first case that paid money plays a part in the killing.

The third case was trying to take a Taiwanese who participated in the Singapore Starlight training program lately ranked general in the troop. The game money seemed to pay to Thailand killer that was belonging to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations(ASEAN), which includes Singapore troop. The Thailand killer considered the rapprochement Thailand with Singapore and maneuvered to get a word from one local prestige engineering university alumni, who was Taiwan active agent professed to have a career of engineer and sales job in Taipei, to replace that Singapore Starlight troop general as the hunting target. That prestige university graduated engineer answered some words which was bringing back to the game money payer for review. It was finally deemed as a grant from the engineer to be the hunting target, and that engineer was my classmate whose name was mentioned during the negotiation in front of the US Embassy by a Zurich citizen who was killed on the spot in 2002 winter. The Zurich citizen was accompanied me back to Taiwan with her neighbor, a white woman who was bereaved of her son in the airplane crashed into Taiwan Straight in 2002 summer. The game money paid with the same pattern as the previous two cases, and the hunting target was changed by the Thailand killer, which brought out the fourth case.

The fifth case was aimed at a local popular female singer, who was lingering around the Thailand or India, Vietnam areas for almost a year, out of a shot-dead case happened last November which was believed to be located in the states. That shot-dead victim, female, seemed to be from Taiwan southern part and they was just doing runaway from that dead scene. This June that female singer seemed to come back to Taipei for a while, but soon to be carried by helicopter to Thailand, Myanmar(Burma) border to attend some agency celebrating event like that occurred 1996 in the New York City. During these period, my classmate with his colleague went there for that agency celebrating event as well, or together with that singer. Lacking money due to runaway, the singer was soliciting, or pimped, or coerced to have sex in the Hotel by a Thailand male singer which was famous in Taiwan television some years ago, and it was believed to be a coerced sex to call for an arbitration in Thailand and Myanmar(Burma) areas, including asking my classmate and his colleague of the same prestige engineering university graduated alumni to deal with that Thailander. The two engineers dared not make any action in Thailand, Myanmar(Burma) border, and it was said they both followed suit that coerced sex activity with money paid to the female singer. There was report earlier mentioned governmental level negotiation concerned monitoring video tapes which recorded these activities. The Thailand local commissioned game money dealer with that agency celebrating event finally could not resolve this dispute and commissioned case, then they decided to kill the coerced sex victim of female singer instead. At the same time, the two engineers including my classmate were coming back to Taipei separately. The Thailand assassin finally took my classmate for the game money hunting, together with the fourth case of the same hunted target to replace that Starlight troop general to close their two commissioned cases at the same time. The body of my classmate was said to be carried by helicopter to throw back to Thailand and my classmate’s father was following overseas to seek the body and this criminal activity. This July 4 of the US national day, a famous singer active in Taiwan television some years ago who was from Thailand granted to mend the broken relationship for killing my classmate and died at hospital in Taipei for operation gross negligent fault. The timing was coincident with my libel case gross negligently proceeded in the district court, even prosecuted without any necessary legal elements to consist the libel crime. A moment before this event, my classmate’s divorced, ex-wife, was irritated by my classmate bringing out his new Citibank director secretary wife together with her to hang out openly, rushed to Shenzhen areas of China, seeking for some assistance. The mainlander rudely claimed that she was seeking revenge with her betrayed marriage, but the timing seemed too close to the death date, just before my classmate killed at Taipei in late June to be marginal. But they claimed to have done the commissioned job, demanded money from my classmate’s ex-wife, and broke her leg to let her come back to Taipei. This fifth case also was of the same pattern with which game money plays a part in.

The sixth case is of myself to be hit by a military car on 2001 Thanksgiving Day. One Rockefeller family young son later found me in the European tour in 2002 summer, came to Taiwan before my house to find me, claiming that I wrote something wrong via internet which I had never posted any article before, but I was just driving my Toyota sedan Altis 1.6 around Taiwan at the moment. Although the Toyota was a 1500 c.c. rebuild engine part to be 1600 c.c., with marked engine series number to be a phony new car, and recorded by the police as a stolen car, this phony Toyota car saved me from the Rockefeller’s young son’s second attack. The young son later died from a self-built airplane, crashed in the USA, but the press released death date was around 2005, seemed to be a delayed news release. The cousin of that Rockefeller young son later in 2008 came to Taipei diplomat ministry for volunteer service, closely watching me reading newspaper in the neighboring National Central Library, or with third party assisted commenting to notify the Rockefeller young son’s cousins nearby, without saying too much words. They described the Rockefeller’s cousins as quiet, just like these gentle Taiwanese. The Barnes & Noble bookstore heiress and movie star Meg Ryan was said to die in Nebraska or Nevada states, the timing was pinned after the Rockefeller’s young son’s death, with words informed locally as such, “Ms Meg Ryan was friendly to Taiwanese. Therefore she was taken as Taiwanese to follow the Rockefeller’s young son’s death.” That’s the information locally received at the moment. And in the fifth case of last November shot-death case in the states, there was another Rockefeller family member involved with the killing. He seemed to be forced committing suicide for shooting dead a young girl as a male would not be allowed. As to the game money collecting, there were three local rich family members bid the game killing upon me, arranged by Democratic Progressive Party(DPP) in military training excuse to hire the Rockefeller’s young son to do it, Ms. Wang, Mr. Miao, and Mr. Kuo. But Banciao Mr. Kuo seemed to have his name listed without paying game money. Mr Miao was said to bid that game killing with Democratic Progressive Party(DPP) for his CIA contract son and his forlorn hope troop serving daughter to be involved with 1994 US sergeant Miss Eva Ivory death case. Miss Wang of the later Harvard University alumni was the game money collector, collecting money from local retailer store heiress Miss Gao, department store heiress Miss Wu, etc. to sum up to two hundred million New Taiwan dollars to hand in to Mr George W. Bush, then incumbent US President. Miss Wang of Formosa heiress was blamed by her grandfather Mr Wang Young-Ching to pay that kind of money to hire killer to assail me, her own countryman. But Miss Wang seemed to attend high school and educated in the USA, she had no such kind of affection. Later she claimed that she was grand daughter of Formosa Mr Wang Yung-Zai, not the grand daughter of the old Formosa Mr Wang Yung-Ching. That would be confusing to the public for quite a while.

The New York student in the second case was related to my recently filed subversion case in the law court. He was from Taipei City local rich family. His lawyer once came to the police station to bail him out from some petty misbehavior of conflict with the police, arguing his sapphire Jaguar car accident indentation with the police, the police gave him and his lawyer two names from which to choose to sue a libel case in return the bail out. One of which was my name, the other was the Formosa heiress Miss Wang. His lawyer chose my name to sue his libel case.

“Of course, the law suit is always against the poor!”

We would final this saying as the field survey report of legal system conclusion observing for a whole year.

David Chang, SSN057-86-4042,

November 6, 2012,

National Central Library,

Taipei City

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