What Libby Leak Case in 2008 November concerned with Taipei

FBI Badge & gun.

FBI Badge & gun. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recently some political celebrity said that we should focus on the economy issue instead of the politics for a candidate to prevent being the beggars after elected. But an illustration in recent Economist magazine prompted us to ask a question that why the fifty shades of pirate would get an invisible hand stretching out of the tablet screen to be deleted? Oh, that internet novel was introduced for several times in the Time magazine. I read it at New Taipei City Library near my home. I haven’t read these magazines such as Time, the Economist, Newsweek, etc. in the local library in my hometown before this February in 2012. Sometimes I went there on foot and had a lot of entries of district court progress and the law court document date are carefully indexed on my last month lost blue planner. That blue planner was Hapor Datamate, a product from a US company that the owner was an American friend when he told us that he served a military service at Taipei in 2001. I have a makeshift planner which I carried to the New York City in 1996 when the fall session of city graduate business school program began. Perhaps, the lawsuit in district court for a year began right after last Christmas means no harm to me. It is also worth mentioning here that there’s a little error today on that “newspaper magazine”, that it says so in the editorial in chief page, at least it was stated as such when I read it in the National Central Library at Taipei City. The cover picture of this issue of the Economist magazine could contribute to why the editorial in chief page expresses itself as a “newspaper”, for on the picture the stars and stripes on the ground which Mr Obama and Mr Romney carefully select the white stripes to walk on while the stars block adjacent red stripes counted more than four red stripes, and the longer stripes are more than three stripes to be infinite. The song in the British band the Police sounds like this, there is a black spot on the sun today; it’s the same old thing as yesterday. Hmm, the Police band singer Sting will come to Taiwan for a concert in the near future in December. But I don’t think I can get there, though.

There was a report of the Libby Leak Case in the newspaper in 2010 April. Around the same time period between 2006, 2008 June when Mr George W. Bush was still the President and 2010 November when Mr Obama has replaced Mr George W. Bush to be the 44th USA President, there was an FBI anthrax specialist suicide in Washington prison when the law court investigation began. It sounds like the words coming from the lawyer once in the Chicago legal circles, and he said that in November 2008 or in 2010 there was an identity theft in this Libby Leak case(or maybe the leak cases were with two identities and therefore, was of two legal cases), and that the prisoner should not die for the crime he had never committed. The law expert and political celebrity who was bringing up this issue seemed very angry and very serious about the outcome of the Libby Leak Case legal process. Later I heard that the foreign teacher sweetheart once to be my neighbor came into the local community asking for the whereabouts of her lover, supposed to be that prisoner jailed in the Washington D.C., Mr Libby. I heard that they were once discussing about their marriage in the summer of 2006 and again in 2008 November when the press released news about the leak case. Because that man had been dead, you know, that they would plan for a vow was seemed to be a drama-like fancy, a little like a copy of the script from the Stephen King’s novel Lisey’s Story. The foreign teacher sweetheart made an excuse to us which she said that her daughter would like to know it, since they just read the news of Mr Libby with picture on the newspaper in 2010 April. At the moment in 2008 November(I remember it was in the summer day Mr Obama just elected to the White House as the 44th US president and the I.H.T. newspaper repeated the Libby Leak Case news again for the same news report in 2006 July when Mr. George W. Bush was the President), when I was in the library and the Leak lawsuit privy delivered a message to the reader area. It sounds like saying that maybe I could help him, because he was subsidiary of Taiwan and used to live in Taiwan. He had a sister staying in Taiwan, according to some local information source. But as a newspaper reader in the library, I did not know how to help such an anonymous stranger whom was only referred to the newspaper picture to be a high-level officer jailed for FBI investigation, although he said that he was of the same status as me. I did not quite understand what he said. Finally the custody of that anonymous stranger answered, saying that if this petty agent alike reader in library of Taiwan could not give a hand, the anonymous stranger would have to face the trial or death, something like that. Later some seniors in the library told me in private that to read the newspaper is a risky activity.

I pondered that the newspaper could be like the Toyota car that I bought which I could no longer drive on road anymore, or even like the luxury Mercedes Benz car which I should only envy of. I got knocked down by the library security police at Taipei City after Department of State Secretary Mrs Hillary R. Clinton’s birthday, and then seized by two of the New Taipei City Criminal Police officers from home. A baloney libel case charged against me thereafter and it has been lasted for a whole year to this moment, sued without any legal consisting elements, even with the plaintiff Breeze Center Mr Liao Cheng-Han had been shot dead on March 17, 2008 by the angry and obsessed defendants for abuse the libel lawsuits. I was kept from the library newspaper since the criminal police seizure after last Christmas on December 29, 2011.

DB, November 8, 2012

*revised on Nov. 15, 2012

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