Bezu and Sarko


Sarko (Photo credit: peskaour)

In 1994 when I was serving in camp at my hometown Taipei as an officer, that was the time I first heard the name Bezu and Sarko. I was thinking that Bezu was from Beirut. Bezu corrected me and saying that he was not from Beirut. Probably he said that he came from the Israel. Then I was thinking Sarko in Taiwanese to be the meaning of “three dollars”, or a police rank for “three lines” one star. But Sarko just smiled. In 1996 summer session of Baruch school open day, I was shaking hands with Sarko from Paris. What I read from Dan Brown‘s novel, The Da Vinci Code, the character Bezu was appearing in Paris Louvre. In the reality world, Mr BiBi of Israel was living at Pennsylvania in the USA and then became the Israeli prime minister, according to the newspaper report around 2005.

I make a comparison between Bezu and Sarko here to correct previously written article, misplaced Sarko as Bezu that was shaking hands with me on August 2, 1996 in New York City.

DB, November 9, 2012


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