Relationship may help victim survive a murder

The building where Kreditbanken was at Norrmal...

The building where Kreditbanken was at Norrmalmstorg, Stockholm, Sweden. In Kreditbanken the Norrmalmstorgsdrama took place and the Stockholm syndrome was “created”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Relationship may help victims survive a murder. We found that while some victims had been seriously harassed in a murder case, they still stood on the side of the murderer at the police station. In Psychology, this is called the Stockholm Syndrome. Even after the victims have been rescued by the police, they were still reluctant to cooperate with the police. Sometimes they would be found to assist the murderer during the proceeding of very crime. Besides, the charisma the murderer could have may dominate the victim, it is justifiable that maintaining a good relationship with the murderer may help the very victim survive a murder.

To build up a relationship could have been a status quo and could have been lasted for a long time, the victim could have known the murderer for a couple of years while the police could be dropping in only for a short period. The victims have reasons to believe that the police intervention would not last for very long, and these kinds of victims would probably show that Stockholm Syndrome described in Psychology. They would appeal to their own efforts or sometimes they would take that as personality advantages to keep a good relationship with the murderer. Such kind of Stockholm Syndrome sufferers may do some errands for the murderers, speak ill of the police, and even see the murderers as their relatives and refuse to report the crime and their personal sufferings to the police or not cooperate with the police. This is the typical characteristic of the Stockholm Syndrome victims.

Although they are crime victims, sometimes their decision to keep a good relationship with the murderers may help the victims survive a murder. We think that it is possible that at times the murderers would set aside such victims who were still trying to make efforts maintaining relationship, when the murderers had taken enough sacrifices for their murders. This kind of effort to maintain relationship with murderers will pay rewards for the victims, in other words.

DB, November 15, 2012


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