The Skyfall 007 is on the 50th anniversary of first 007 movie series. The movie features Daniel Craig as James Bond, Javier Bardem as Raoul Silva, Judi Dench as M, Ralph Fiennes as Gareth Mallory, Naomie Harris as Eve Moneypenny, Ben Whishaw as Q, Bérénice Lim Marlohe as Sévérine, Albert Finney as Kincade, Helen McCrory as Clair Dowar, and Ola Rapace as Patrice. The background of Skyfall 007 is started at the Istanbul’s Sultanahmet Square, where James Bond driving an Audi sedan to chase Patrice on the motorcycle. James Bond was fighting Patrice on the roof of a train in India, when the train went into a tunnel they were still fighting, and when the train emerged from the tunnel, the Bond Girl Eve Moneypenny driving a Jeep and waiting there for covering James Bond, Eve received the instruction from M to shoot the fighting targets which were still entangled in the fighting, but Eve got James Bond Daniel Craig on his right shoulder. Mr James Bond Daniel Craig fell into the river from the train on the bridge right out of the tunnel. As Daniel Craig’s body dragging down to the river bottom of graves with gravestones lined up on the river bed, the movie began with Mr James Bond Daniel Craig’s training reminiscence.

China was featured in the scene and take place in Shanghai. The airplane arrived at the Shanghai airport in the evening when the skyscrapers buildings lighted up the city in a modern atmosphere. James Bond Daniel Craig was following up Patrice who was performing an assassination with rifle. Daniel Craig hiding in the elevator Patrice riding by only gripping the elevator bottom, then knocked Patrice out of the skyscraper the assassination taking place without any information asked, for Daniel Craig extended hand with glove slipped. But James Bond Daniel Craig found out who hired the assassin Patrice by a gold coin, sequins which was engraved with Macao, as it was from Macao. Therefore, James Bond Daniel Craig was flying to Macao, meeting with Bond Girl Sévérine in a Chinese Casino. The Phantom and Opera style running water and candle light scene in the Skyfall 007 was shooting in the scene of Macao. The following scene was Daniel Craig and Sévérine being taken by Javier Bardem, starring as Silva, to perform an inquiry in the ruin when they was debarked the yacht. After an inquiry looked like a talk between the Angel and the Demon, Javier asked Daniel Craig in turn to shoot the cup filled with wine put upon the head of Bond Girl Sévérine to rescue her. No sooner the cup upon the head of Sévérine dropped onto ground to fail the mission, Daniel Craig used a device called radio which was previously provided by Q in the art gallery to call three helicopters with union jack painted on to rescue them. Then Javier was therefore jailed in a glass box and queried by M. M decided to delete Javier from the list when Javier answered rudely and kneed in the glass box. But Javier later pushed out his false teeth on his upper jaw and saved his own life.

Later Javier was featured as the policeman interacting with James Bond Daniel Craig in the London subway system, when M testified in front of British minister and answered the government official queries. M said that her late husband loved poems. The story line was presented in montage style. When Daniel Craig chasing Javier Bardem in the underground subway system, with the direction of Q, Daniel Craig ordered the subway train driver open the door for him to chase the false policeman Javier, while at the same time the British minister Clair Dowar asking tough questions upon M. The questions seemed not easy to answer.

M was forced to resign and come with James Bond Daniel Craig, riding his new car to go to the Skyfall in Scotland, which was the Bond family estate. Daniel Craig was hiding in the priest hole for three days when his parents killed in his childhood. Kincade was the gamekeeper, with M and James Bond Daniel Craig made a trio to defend themselves. James Bond Daniel Craig told Kincade that they have to kill the enemy first who would come and kill them. Kincaide gave James Bond Daniel Craig an old rifle gun from Andrew. A troop led by Javier boarding on helicopter came after the first attack with seven or eight gunmen, which the trio defended with booby traps and dynamite. James Bond Daniel Craig let Kincade and M leave first via the priest hole to the church chapel. Daniel Craig finally could not get all the troop from the helicopter done, with two gas buckets as bomb to blow the house and also the helicopter, Daniel Craig also running out of the house via that priest hole. But Javier found Kincade and M by their flashlight. Finally Daniel Craig killed Javier in the church chapel but M died because of serious hurt during the fighting. The final scene was Daniel Craig standing on the British Embassy roof,  with the Union Jack Great British national flags flying in the background. Then Eve Moneypenny was carrying a box from M to the roof top and delivering it to Daniel Craig. There was a ceramic bulldog in the Union Jack clothes in M’s box.

The words that most impressed me in the Skyfall 007  movie, “Last rat is standing,” said by Daniel Craig, “poor, pull the trigger,” which Daniel Craig was told, and “Circle of life,” said by Daniel Craig, also it was lyric from Mr Elton John’s famous song.

DB, November 16, 2012


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