Perjury of a synthesized photo

[C] Café

[C] Café (Photo credit: anieto2k)

According to local information source, last November the US criminal investigating officials ever provided the picture of murder suspect mentioned on my November 6, 2012 essay “Patterns; Legal System Field Survey Report”, to the local police and law court authority for the inquiry purpose. The Taiwan famous computer company CEO and relative of the murder victim had one copy of that photo to review during the murder investigation, and I was as their neighbor to know it from the neighborhood community which they both lodged. The location of that photo was at a nearby internet cafe which the CEO’s young son were shot dead across the street. The timing of that photo taken was within 72 hours after the murder happened in last August. On the photo there were several foreigners with one or two Taiwanese shown chatting and laughing on it, one of the Taiwanese was said to be the district court prosecutor with central intelligent agent identity, the other was said to be one of my university classmates. As the information source revealed, the local police and court authority was submitting another synthesized picture with my face and figure appeared on the photo to answer the US official investigating query just before this whole year of baloney libel law suit without any necessary legal elements to consist the crime. That was kind of perjury to the US investigating officials, you know. That internet cafe at nearby was opened by a Council Member of Changhua County and relative of the 2008 March 24 executed victim of a miscarriage of justice from a 2004 libel case indicted and settled to jail. The internet cafe was transferred to nearby grocery store owner around the same timing, probably this April. Before the internet cafe was transferred from the county council member to the grocery owner there were coffee and beer provided at the bar in the internet cafe, and the photo was shot when the murder suspects from Kiwanis camp pulled the coffee table to the front door to have all of them chatting and laughing in the photo.

Actually, on October 29, 2012 my blue planner was taken within the New Taipei City Library, or simply in law that the planner was only forgotten by the privy myself in the library to be just lost. On that day in the New Taipei City Library there could be found several special agents in plain clothes hanging out in the computer facility room, apparently for the purpose of collecting information and related evidences. There were apparent energy harassment in addition to the computer network unstable problems upon the privy myself before the planner forgotten on the computer table. In my lost blue planner, there were detail records of the date and expense of my hang out to that nearby internet cafe where the murder suspects pictures were shooting. It was started from April 20 2012 when the Apollo Internet Cafe opposite to my house was closed in this April, well after the murder date which was supposed to happen in last August of 2011. That synthesized picture with my face and figure shown on it was supposed to be shot by the camera of the 85-degree C Cafe Coffee and Bread Shop nearby my house when I made a six months duration of monthly fixed amount consumption within their 85-degree C Cafe Coffee and Bread Shop just after 2008 May my patronized McDonald’s NO.79 outlet nearby my house was closed. The 85-degree C Cafe Coffee and Bread Shop which I had an oral quarrel in the National Central Library with their owners because I could not stand the energy harassment and also stopped making any consumption there after 2008 December.

Also according to the local information source that in addition to the district court prosecutor, there was a local judge involved the perjury but the local information source did not mention any apparent reason or motive that the judge would involve with this perjury of a synthesized picture which was sent to the US investigating officials for a murder investigation. Besides, the criminal police officer was supposed to be within the implication and arrested me in November 2004 from the McDonald’s and on December 29, 2011 arrested me from my house, without any justifiable reasons. The criminal police officer was in some kind of dispute out of the agent contact signing quota issue, quarreled with that prosecutor and my university classmate in 2002 within the neighboring community, but that university classmate was not the same one who appeared on the internet cafe photo mentioned by my November 6, 2012 essay “Patterns; Legal System Field Survey Report”. That criminal police officer was also a prosecutor since last year to pass a national government officer examination but without any case presided in the district court.

Later in 2002 the criminal police officer signed a contract from then Taipei City mayor to be an undercover agent to investigate the community where the criminal police officer quarreled with my classmate and the prosecutor because they both dropped him from the signing of the agent contract, in which community the USA FBI agents Ms Suzuki and Ms Chelsea in 2002 summer came to investigate the elementary pupil Kelly car accidental death case and thereafter some coerced sex cases happened and reported from the very community. The criminal police officer was ever heard to have complaint that the US central intelligence agent quota was occupied by the prosecutor and local NSB agent contract quota was occupied by my university classmate, and he was said to be jealous of me because these two high level agents were all mentioned as my classmates. He should be mistaken me to be having that kind of privilege to sign the high level agent contract in priority order just like my classmates signed their contracts, and therefore depriving his chance to sign the USA or local agent contract. Actually, I did not have any of that contract signed. That was ever since the day on August 2, 1996 I was with my F1-Visa status, I counselled with then USA First Lady Mrs Hillary R. Clinton in the New York City, that I should not sign the central intelligence agent contract but to take care of the civil rights case of my sister and my case as well as a civilian not in a military agent status. I thought that I had a tacit grant of nodding alike there in the New York City. But just in days after my grandmother died on August 9, 1996 at Taipei City in the hospital, the third party source informed me in the New York City that the USA first lady signed my classmate of that prosecutor because my classmate of that prosecutor in charge of a political fund was pending which was previously planning to donate several hundred million New Taiwan Dollars to the Democratic Party account, and probably she was also considering her father Mr Hugh Rodham’s death case on November 12, 1990 at Taipei Hospital would need somebody to follow up. It was not for the concerns of my sister or my civil rights case. Nevertheless, I never signed any agent contract to occupy the quota which that the criminal police officer complained to deprive his chance and envy of me to have that privilege.

My university classmate was mentioned in the fifth case of my November 6, 2012 essay “Patterns; Legal System Field Survey Report”, killed in the Thailand male singer and local female singer related disputes. That university classmate of mine was said to apply for signing a central intelligence agent contract and had himself under agency review to be in a recruit training status. The agent contract seemed to be rejected earlier in this year. My university classmate had a high school age daughter, was said to be missing from a false car accident and hospital mistreat since last connected in March this year. The first thing we have to make out is that whether one or two of the victims, the father and the daughter, are survived, or if both of the victims are all deceased. If the daughter was not dead, she probably was with her binding agent status to observe her father in his recruit status in the killing. If the victims are both alive, it is reasonable that they could be found in Shanghai, New York, California, or the other areas in Taiwan which their agency contracts would allow them to perform their missions in these places. If in these places could not find them, they were supposed to be vanished and deceased. We could find out that such criminal case was suited into a well-recognized pattern that in order to prevent the relative of the recruit to bother the military training too much, such criminal case would happen in an acceptable probability ratio and in a kind of natural occasion. That is the pattern we discovered in such a criminal case.

DB, November 17, 2012


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