Extraversion personality, paragraph development

Paragraph Development:

Topic and topic sentence

(a.) Limit a topic sentence with the eight categories of control words.


1. extroverts dominate in the U.S. and Germany for individualism. (place)

2. Extraversion personality could be cultivated in early adolescence. (time or period of time)

3. extroverts prefer schmoozing and social life because such activities boost their mood. (quality, description)

4. Extraversion and introversion are in the same cluster of cognitions, emotions, motivations, and behaviors personality factors. (showing similarities)

5. extroverts get bored by too much solitude while introverts thrive on reflection and solitude. (showing differences)

6. Extraversion-introversion, neuroticism, agreeableness, conscientiousness and openness are Big Five personality factors. (a number of things; a list)

7. Embrace the extrovert’s personality will spend more time overall in social activities. (effect)

8. extroverts are promoted for individualism in American culture because the direct, fast-paced style of communication associated with extraversion. (cause, reason)

(b.) Use key words chosen from one to three categories to limit your topic to the kind of information, topic sentence.


Topic: Extraversion personality

1. Students who want to embrace the extrovert’s personality and cultivate in the U.S. culture will spend more time overall in social activities in their early adolescence. (place, effect, time or period of time)

2. Psychology’s so-called Big Five has five basic kinds of “personality” factors. (number)

3. extroverts are less likely to be in solitude than introverts for several reasons. (differences, cause)

DB, November 29, 2012

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