Three reasons why extroverts are not alone, paragraph development

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Extroverts are less likely to be in solitude than introverts for several reasons.

One reason is that when extroverts are developing their personality traits in adolescent hood, they have to keep a couple of friends and even sustaining relationships to become an extrovert when they turn adult. And those friends and relationships tend to last for life long. Therefore extroverts have a good chance to be surrounded by friends and partners who were their adolescent friends, and they are less likely to be in solitude.

Second, except for the amount of time extroverts need to spend in these kind of social engaging activities, extroverts have to be proactive in attitude for initiating a social dialogue, holding a party with friends, breaking ice in a difficult relationship, etc. Such philosophy will benefit extroverts to win friends who will come around them, therefore we probably will not see extroverts in solitude.

We can add a third reason of facility issue to explain why extroverts are less likely to be in solitude than introverts. When we are trying to conjure up an image that a chubby face boy comes into a gymnasium with a soccer ball, the other day we may find out that this boy is spending the rest of his pastime in still and quiet activities such as reading, writing, etc., in a place, say, off-campus cottage. Such time consuming pastime activities would occupy most of the boy’s time and finally we may find that the boy is alone and in solitude. And the boy is an introvert for sure. The extraversion personality boy, in contrast, will be less likely to be so.

DB, December 6, 2012

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