A ten day’s distance

ICQWhat made Bryan close the door? Is it because Mary said that Daniel would come over tonight? In your shoes, will I feel like a ten-day’s distance? For ten days ago, I was young and bright, climbing mountains  riding train through tunnels, breathing the fresh air in the ski resort, rushing to the bakery, watching the moon going upon the windowsill, and driving, my, a blue manual Toyota sedan, around the world. How do you define that “ten-day’s distance”?

Just for fun. An associate professor in his prestige university wage, a forty years old middle age professional man, hesitating with a moot choice between following suit the pedestrian tour and buying the expensive EuroStar train ticket, in ten day’s distance. And I could see that he was there and it was not very long ago. Just for fun. Well, do you ever dream of that Canadian girl with a young Finnish boy in the French Cathedral? Sounds like asking me when I was in my university days, occasionally glanced the dormitory roommates bringing girlfriends coming over for a couple of times in the weekends. Because I was so shy away to even ask a single question about it. Forget about it. You know that center is mine.

Have your taxi waiting, just come over. What does that actually in your mind, that you are thinking of? Just chatting, doing nothing and eating strawberry, Lydia or Lily, have you ever really love a woman? What make you to ask this question? In that blossom rotating lotus when you are eating the lotus fruit? I think you will understand how I define such a question of “a ten-day’s distance”, in my own experience.

DB, December 7, 2012

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