Magician David and the son

Scientific American, Mind & Brain, July 31, 2012

Scientific American, Mind & Brain, July 31, 2012

The Chicago born magician David in 1999 and 2000 intensely performed the David Magic Show World Tour and came to Taiwan more then twice for his magic show. David’s magic show was dedicated to the VIP circle only, but the general public could also watch his magic show on television. The magic show on television was sort of interactive show. The year 2000 David Magic Show World Tour had brought him a good fortune, as some US VIP audience ever commented, but the magician David decided to say good-bye to the stage and audience. When he was performing the last scene in his show to extend one hand through the clothe movie screen to come into the stage, synchronized with the scenes, magically. Finally David came out with his beautiful wife and several children, his son and his daughter, to say thank you and wave good-bye. That’s what I remembered about magician David’s show.

There were several newspaper reports locally at Taipei related to the magician David and his show, mostly bad news and related to death. One of these news was about year 2000 on television of a magician David’s escape show. The setting was a huge aquarium, a young girl in red was lying inside the aquarium with water covered, in a fit of spasm, quiet. Later the young girl was put in front of the aquarium on the floor, lost consciousness. The worker in the show heard from the television said that she was just shocked. But the newspaper later reported that the young girl was deceased. Although the young girl was not identified only mentioned as a foreigner, some said that she was the younger sister of movie star Ms. Meg Ryan, heiress of Barnes & Noble.

For those years since 1996 August in the New York City to the later years at Taipei, it was said that the K-Swiss sports shoes manufacturing company that founded in California was also belonging to the property of magician David and the son.

DB, December 11, 2012


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