Perjury about drunk driving of Toyota car owner

drunk drivingCurrently ongoing lawsuit with subversion case involved in the law court with two local police stations filed documents alleged a new Toyota car to be stolen car because of the marked out and dubious mismatched engine serial number secretly testified by the former Breeze Center Japanese manager Mr Gang Ichiro. That Toyota car, Corolla Altis 1.6, Break into Style, which I purchased on November 7, 2002 from a car saleswoman Mrs Gao was wife of a Toyota employee, with an official tax and customer receipt printed my name on it. There was a mortgage loan NTD$300,000 of the Toyota car applied from a female accountant from the Tai-shin Bank which was signed at McDonald’s in Taipei City near the Siemens Marketing company Schmidt which demanded the sales representative to buy a car for employee’s self career. On July 29, 2004 I sold the Toyota car back to the same saleswoman Mrs Gao with a Toyota dealer representative Mr Yang at McDonald’s in Taipei City near Taipei City Zoo. The two-year-twelve-terms mortgage was all paid off except the last term paid by cash withdrawing NTD$25,000 from ATM on July 29, 2004 the day I sold the car to give to that saleswoman Mrs Gao per request from her. The Toyota dealer Mr Yang returned me with a paycheck of NTD$300,000 but signed on the check a weird name of Mr Ding instead of his own name Mr Yang that printed on the business name card. The Toyota dealer Mr Yang said that it was his boss’s name. After I handed over the Toyota car near the Taipei City Zoo at the McDonald’s with the returned paycheck, I deposited the paycheck on the same day into my Citibank account at Banciao branch.

After these years, except the lawsuits against me ongoing currently in court hinted me to connect with this Toyota problem car, the government issued official customer receipt had my Toyota purchase official receipt deleted in the government electronic receipt system. It was alleged to be my high school classmate, an IRS alike agent of National Tax Administration, who indirectly had the lawsuit filed against me or as a direct law enforcement or prosecuting member in the law court after deleted the Toyota purchase tax and customer receipt from the government electronic system. They did this probably because that saleswoman Mrs Gao on July 29, 2004 at the McDonald’s asking me to hand in all the documents of official tax and customer receipt, new car license(photo copy) with the Toyota car sold back to them. But I had picked up the official tax and customer receipt with the new car license(photo copy) at the night before I sold the Toyota car in a white Lexus luxury car envelope which previously contained car fixing manuals only. Saleswoman Mrs Gao seemed to give all these car purchase documents to a female agent, some acquaintance of a Mitac company employee and got the documents later. That Mitac employee was an engineer alleged to be my senior colleague from 1998 through 2000 in the company. That white Lexus luxury car envelope was given to me by saleswoman Mrs Gao’s husband on the day in November 2002 he drove the Toyota new car to my house from his Toyota company at Taoyuan to deliver to me. Saleswoman Mrs Gao’s husband also gave me a photo copy of the new car license document, which was previously short of from the car purchase documents of Toyota envelope from saleswoman Mrs Gao, and he reminded me that he was a Toyota formal employee who would not cheat customer because cheating was not allowed by the Toyota company regulation. As I know, saleswoman Mrs Gao’s husband seemed to be fired from that Toyota company at Taoyuan just days after he delivered the Toyota new car to me.

That Toyota car had many problems. It was a sample car which Toyota Japan company sent to the Taipei City Breeze Center for public relationship purpose and in a Breeze Center lottery gifted to a Union Bank(UB) Information Department employee. Later that car was sold by the UB female employee to the Mitac computer company chairman’s young son, Mr Miao, who was at the moment an agent of USA Central Intelligent Agency(CIA) and Japan Waseda University MBA. That’s when Mr Miao was making an agent contact to that UB female officer who got the gift Toyota car from Breeze Center lottery, Mr Miao said to that UB female officer that he know me and just came to take care of me because my anti-psychotic prescription drug intake for years as their Mitac company’s former employee, therefore the UB female officer sold the Toyota car through this relation. That gifted Toyota car originally was a 1.5 c.c. model of upper half year 2001 manufactured, the same model as the later Toyota Prius 1.5 c.c. model. On their Toyota assembly line at Taoyuan, Mr Miao rebuilt the engine part from 1.5 c.c. model to a 1.6 c.c. Corolla Altis hybrid model, and marked out the original engine serial number for the purpose to be sold in the second half of 2002 manufactured year as a new car with an illegal engine serial number. That car was brought to me by saleswoman Mrs Gao who happened to be an agent working at that Toyota assembly line at Taoyuan. That’s all the problems I know about that Toyota car.

On April 30, 2004 around 11:00 A.M., I drove this Toyota car to Tony Roma’s steak house at Taipei City to have lunch. I ordered a Heineken bottled beer, drinking up almost three cups at noon. I paid the lunch by my Citibank credit card Citi Gold. A waiter came to that Tony Roma’s steak house later, it had alarmed me that he was sent by the NSB teacher agent Ms Chang Lee-Chuan who later came to the Citibank call center in 2006. That waiter came to my table in the high class business restaurant to collect the empty Heineken bottle at exactly 1:31 P.M., which was reminded by the Citibank call center, but later at 1:53 P.M. that waiter came to me again, asking me to collect the beer plastic cup which seemed to have 20 c.c. beer remained, which was one-tenth of the height in the 160 c.c. or so plastic cup. I did not remember if the waiter asked me to drink up that 20 c.c. or so beer in the high class business restaurant. The NSB teacher agent Ms Chang Lee-Chuan later wrote a report of driving after consumed alcohol with that waiter collected evidences, which were the 3:30 P.M. official tax and customer receipt of the restaurant, and the Heineken bottle collected as a waiter. The NSB agent and teacher Ms Chang Lee-Chuan later in 2006 was in Citibank call center making some harassment to me, which I have recorded a harassment report in English posted on my website several years earlier.

Around November 2004 of the same year, the Taipei City Mayor was said to file the NSB agent Chang Lee-Chuan’s report in the government for not very clear purpose. Basically the Citibank call center had customer requested issue demanding agency officer to handle this event, for the NSB agent called to the restaurant to stand-by the table doing things not beneficial to the Citibank credit card customer making them felt not comfortable. But on April 30 the Mayor seemed to reply that such Citibank customer was not important, “because he was ever serving at local military police station as officer.” That’s not quite fair for me, you know. Besides, the report of driving after consumed alcohol was not quite correct. I picked the car from underground parking lot after 6:30 P.M. in the evening and drove onto the road at 7:23 P.M. exactly. In 2004 November the NSB report was filed by the Taipei City government to be sort of second-division-human-resource document.

That day on April 30 after 3:30 P.M. I paid the lunch at Tony Roma’s steak house at Taipei City by Citibank credit card Citi Gold, I was alarmed that it was too early to drive the car, so I came into the Starbucks Coffee located in the same building as the Tony Roma’s restaurant at 4:20 P.M. or so and stayed to 6:30 P.M or so. I stayed within the Starbucks Coffee, thinking about the Fordyce Condition newly diagnosed by the National Taiwan University Hospital(NTUH), which was supposed to be caused by a shot in August 2003 at the Taipei Municipal Hoping Hospital, out of the non-hospital activity related with NSB agent Ms Chang Lee-Chuan and agent Ms Huang’s CIA training requirement. But Ms. Chang Lee-Chuan was a witness to the French minister Sarkozy’s wife Mrs France November 12 1994 death case. Mrs France had a shot and a cut-throat on November 12, 1994 at Taoyuan hospital. The other witness at the hospital were Chelsea, William, Julia, Sarkozy. The US First Lady Mrs Hillary R. Clinton was also there but left earlier before Mrs France’s death at the hospital. Agent Ms Chang Lee-Chuan and agent Ms Huang as trainees were in 2003 August on the remote site manipulating, together with the nurse’s coercive behavior to test the lethal potential injection on me, out of a physical examination required by the NSB agents partly controlled Human Resource department in the Arima company job interview. The Japan manager of Taipei City Breeze Center, Mr Gang Ichiro who had received the sample Toyota cars was also identified to be at the remote site as manipulator in 2003 August, a general rank agent at Taiwan and to be newly accepted by the USA Central Intelligent Agency(CIA) at the moment by excellent intelligence work in South East Asia area for several years since 1990.

After 6:30 P.M. on April 30, 2004, when I had paid the bill of Starbucks Coffee by my Citibank credit card Citi Gold, I went to the underground level-2 parking lot of the building to pick my car. When I was paying the parking lot fee in the fee-collecting machine, I was delayed exactly 13 minutes. Again, when my car was driving from underground second floor to the parking fee checking point latch, I was delayed exactly another 13 minutes to pass the latch. There was certain occasion reminded me to check wrist watch for these two time lapses and that the number coincides with the number of New England States. The side street adjoining the building which had the Japan Interchange Association Taipei Office located, blocked by cars not moving for about 10 minutes. Surely you could see how angry I was, but it was 7:23 P.M. in the evening when I was driving the car onto the road and read it from my watch, while that Heineken beer was consumed in the restaurant at noon. If the filed record of drunk driving of Toyota car owner was for legal testifying, that would be simply perjury.

DB, December 17, 2012

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