The United Nations investigation agreement 1996 August 6

United NationsOn August 6, 1996, Friday (Thursday), in the classroom of City University of New York, previous day on August 5 was the United Nations Child Abuse Case civil rights lawsuit hearing in USA Federal Law Court, there was a United Nations single page opinion survey with investigation agreement followed the Non-Disclosure Agreement(NDA) signing, out of the Central Intelligence Agency(CIA) recruiting activity on going at CUNY Baruch College classroom. The United Nations opinion survey was with open end questionnaire, saying that “Do you consider that you are, or were persecuted by organization, or under some kind of situation, environment to make your rights or benefit hurt?”

I signed the questionnaire bearing the UN emblem with the English word “Yes”, under the online intangible guiding of questionnaire filling to start a UN investigating process. Only four days later, on August 9, 1996 Taipei Time, my grandmother was killed at Taipei Veteran General Hospital(TVG) with gross negligence medical faults to have a heart operation for heavy cold. In the New York City, Mr Percy(Mr Bush Jr.) or other federal government officer commented that since my grandmother died, which meant that she was guilty and therefore the anonymously one who filed for United Nations investigation, was guilty too. The United Nations investigation agreement I signed on August 6, 1996 in City University of New York classroom, was declared to be closed with the investigation request party, guilty. That was just boloney. What an investigation from the United Nations!

In 2005 November, at Starbucks Coffee at Taipei City in front of the Taipei Railway Station, the message mentioned Mr Examination Yuan committee member, and the later 2006 January Examination Yuan Chief Mr Yao Chia-Wen, together with then Taipei County Administration Chief Mr Su Chen-Chang, that they previously claimed a military police 105th investigation squad officer perjury for documenting and testifying that Mr Yao Chia-Wen received a United Nations order through the Taiwanese Association of America(TAA) system(there was also observing another KMT party punishing order ongoing at the same time on August 9, 1996) to ask the TVG Hospital kill my grandmother in the hospital. At the same Starbucks Coffee, it was revealed that the MP 105th squad investigating officer had been executed previously in September 2005 for a manslaughter case, plus perjury to be put to death. There at the Starbucks Coffee the relative of executed MP 105th investigating officer was said to be persuaded and file for a UN investigation, as it was notified.

Seven years later, on June 29, 2012 there happened an event which caused a Chicago citizen of American nationality, with his Thailand or Turkey CIA contract, died in the night on July 4, 2012, the USA National Day at some hospital in Beitou area, Taipei City. It was notifying that a process was under observation to be following the pattern of 1996 August 9 TVG Hospital, which seemed to be the case filed for the UN investigation in 2005 November by the relatives of executed MP 105th investigating officer. The United Nations investigation seemed to cost not only money donated to the organization but also cost civilian lives. That’s what I know. But I did not get the detail investigating result of the 2005 and 2012 case.

DB, January 2, 2013


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