Jack Reacher

Jack ReacherJack Reacher was starring by Tom Cruise as a former US Army Military Police Corps officer, reached by Helen Rodin(Rosamund Pike), a beautiful daughter of the DA(District Attorney), who was a defense lawyer reached for a suspect who had denied the accusation of a shooting spree around Ohio, and in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania area. The sniper suspect denied the accusation, wrote down words, “Get Jack Reacher,” and was in a coma. Detective Emerson and the DA Rodin denied Jack Reacher to access the evidence of the shooting spree.

The shooting spree was conducted by a sniper with six bullets and randomly killed five victims from a parking lot building across a river. The suspect arrested by detective Emerson was called James Barr, a former US Army sniper who was self-making bullet shells in his house when he was arrested which were matched the bullet shells found on the parking lot the sniper conducting the shooting. Both detective Emerson and Jack Reacher went to the parking lot, where detective Emerson picked up the dropped bullet shells. Jack Reacher later came there on site to get any clue that he could find. The other suspect was Charles, a sniper trained in middle east area with advance moving targets. Jack Reacher and Emerson were returning words in the firearm and cardboard boxes storage room, that if Jack Reacher remembered the serial number of the gun.

Another sniper suspect Charles suffocated a girl named Sandy on the roadside, and that girl called Sandy was working in an auto part mall where Jack Reacher was told by her in a bar. After the bar fight Jack Reacher was getting arrested, bailed out by Helen, and then went to the auto part mall talked to the male clerk who threatening to call the police, saying that he would find a girl called Sandy and then roughly closed the door of a small room where Sandy was doing some paper work to have an inquire style query. That Sandy girl had instigated a five-person fight against Jack Reacher in the bar to cause Jack Reacher under arrest, Jack Reacher as a matter of fact was framed for the murder of that girl called Sandy, after being arrested in the previous bar fight and then getting chased by detective Emerson with the police who found him driving a Mustang near the criminal investigating scene. Then Jack Reacher was driving a red Mustang, high gear intercepting the white Audi car another sniper suspect Charles was driving, followed by the police cars leading by detective Emerson who was taking Jack Reacher as Sandy girl’s murder suspect near the criminal scene. Jack Reacher finally with the help of an old black man who lent him a blue cap to disguise himself on the road side with the crowd when he left the red Mustang slowly drifting along the street and finally blocked to check by the followed detective Emerson with all the police cars. Jack Reacher finally got on the bus with the crowd and returned the blue cap to the old black man to escape. “He is not my friend,” Jack Reacher insisted that to the DA’s daughter Helen Rodin and repeated it for several times in the movie. He meant that he was innocent and therefore deserved for that help from a stranger out of public indignation.

With Cash’s help actually supplied only for a knife to fight the automatic weapon sniper Charles and Zec in a quarry, with the old man Cash covered him on a hill with armor piercing bullets. Old man Cash was not a game keeper. This time, he was a weapon training coach in Ohio where he had a weapon shop selling rifles and knifes. Jack Reacher finally outwitted Charles and the mobs who were with automatic weapons, killed all the mobs and disarmed Charles to go into the finally bare hand fight with Charles the sniper suspect. Jack Reacher starring by Tom Cruise in the film, who had National Flag of the USA as head shot picture background in his profile, beating Charles the sniper suspect overwhelmingly.

The final scene was the DA’s daughter Helen Rodin went to visit James Barr who was waking up in a coma. When Helen Rodin gave James Barr the pictures of the parking lot building, background bridge and river bank, and the shot dead victims, the glittering in James Barr’s eyes showing signs that he was influenced and that he was willing to confess.

DB, January 17, 2013

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