Wikipedia Discussing Topic, Chingmy Yau aka Ms Chiu Shu-Chen was dead at Taipei on July 13, 2004

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Discussing Topic: Chingmy Yau, a.k.a. Ms Chiu Shu-Chen(邱淑貞) was dead at Taipei on July 13, 2004: — Preceding unsigned comment added by David CK Chang (talk • contribs) 06:26, 19 September 2012 (UTC)

When I subscribed to Harvard Business Review magazine for five years since 2004 to 2010, about four years ago the HBR magazine ever introduced Wikipedia as a new internet function and also an information source. During which period, an intangible message notifying that local Wikipedia user contributing pages were subject to review including a local outstanding Harvard alumni reviewer, who was serving government post at the moment. It was a reliable information source fed-in though intangible, with the monthly fees of HBR magazine subscription paid, the notifying message timing coincided with that related Wikipedia local reviewer’s information.

To me, this above Taipei Wikipedia page reviewer information was more authentic than the information sort of malicious and perjury purpose about Chingmy Yau, a.k.a. Ms Chiu Shu-Chen(邱淑貞) biography Wikipedia content, in Chinese language and abstract in English(in 2004 fall informed Taipei privy of Ms Chiu’s death scene neighbor requiring the privy testify to the case, saying that some of the implicated frustrated by law court to flight to Hong-Kong seeking help and then decided to do so on the internet, might be with authority assisting), the content was supposed to be contributed to Wikipedia after July 13, 2004, and was informed at Taipei locally as such, although I had not accessed to the Wikipedia Chingmy Yau, a.k.a. Chiu Shu-Chen(邱淑貞) contents until a libel alleged of me about my Yahoo blog and a seizure conducted from my home by local New Taipei City criminal police after last Christmas on Dec 29, 2011. This malicious and perjury purpose Wikipedia contents to cover Ms Chiu Shu-Chen’s(邱淑貞) death could be resulted from the quarreled Chingmy Yau, a.k.a. Ms Chiu Shu-Chen’s(邱淑貞) deceased postmortem inquest collided with authorities by the police of former Taipei County, Taipei District Court Judge, together with certain Hong-Kong CID criminal investigating department police members and USA FBI agents, which eight years later succeeded by an event of my nine months legal troubles with a libel case against me without any necessary legal elements constituting it. No alive plaintiff, no unborn daughter, no offending intent, only for a single entry mentioned the classified Ms Chiu Shu-Chen’s death on Yahoo-Kimo website blog which was intended for legal actions revealing two disguised death cases of my relatives during Chingmy Yau, a.k.a. Ms Chiu Shu-Chen’s death inquest, the police and law court inquiring both two of them and both two of them were dead with the fallout of the inquest on Ms Chiu Shu-Chen’s death. Who could require their discipline?

David CK Chang (talk) 06:23, 19 September 2012 (UTC)David CK Chang correcting date typing errors on the topic to be July 13, 2004, and slightly modifying contents. David CK Chang (talk) 09:32, 19 September 2012 (UTC)David CK Chang

*— post via email by David CK Chang, SSN057-86-4042,
*— January 24, 2013, National Central Library, Taipei City.

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