Taipei Bus Boycott Civil Rights Case, a lost Anti-apartheid badge of South Africa from the cub scouts

Springbok badge 13

Springbok badge 13 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Taipei Bus Boycott Civil Rights Case, a lost Anti-apartheid badge of South Africa from the cub scouts

The 1986 Taipei Civil Rights Case of bus boycott defending seat with a black man and his young son defending a bus seat of local Taipei Municipal Jianguo High School student Mr. David Chang, me, in a forum discussing situation but failed, the black man therefore was executed by the military agency in a reason that because he was holding an immoral opinion. At the moment Mr. David Chang, me, sixteen years old, was on a bus giving up seat to strangers as usual but recorded by tape for this time, handed in to the United Nations and the USA authority with the black man execution report. The agency was panic for a while because they found out that black man executed was not from Africa but was an American.

The black man’s young son was about twenty years old, just around a week before the city bus seat defending activity, online expressed that he was my classmate and in 1983 attending the same junior high school with me for several months. The young son talked to me and trying to convince us that he would help me. The young son’s father then came into the case but we hadn’t met each other. At the agency there was a local citizen who represented the Ethiopia while the black man from USA explained that he would like to represent the South Africa, because there was an anti-apartheid issue that related to civil rights movement of black ethnicity. After the explanation, he said that he wanted to help the high school student David because David had an Anti-Apartheid cloth badge from the cub scouts, and he was trying to prove that David had that South Africa anti-apartheid cloth badge in the civil rights forum.

Actually in 1982 as a cub scout Mr David Chang, me, was donating NTD$50 dollars to the Rescue Ethiopia From Hunger charity activity and was given back a Rescue Ethiopia cloth badge. I brought that cloth badge back home to present it to my mother but some official of local authority told my mother that he would like to see that cloth badge for unknown reasons. Early morning in the classroom, I saw several senior students, probably from other classes roaming into the classroom to the classmate who was collecting the donation money and displaying those exquisite cloth badges, they grabbed a lot of those badges coercively and acclaimed that they would take these cloth badges because they were thinking that these cloth badges were delivering to students for free. On the same day, the teacher praised little David, me, in class when she knew that I had donated a fifty dollars for charity, but this disgusted my classmates who could not afford the charity donation. Later some classmate came to me and said that the teacher was requiring me to tell my mother for another NTD$200 donation for an Anti-Apartheid cloth badge of South Africa, which was bearing the ROC(Taiwan) national emblem on it with white background and a yellow camel. The next day little David, me, came back with the money asked, but the classmate who was collecting the donation money returned NTD$50 to me, leading me to the school canteen to buy a pack of milk to drink, saying to me that you have to purchase this for yourself to consume then you could start to donate that charity money, and told me that the next day to bring back the Rescue Ethiopia From Hunger badge and kept the South Africa’s Anti-Apartheid badge only.

But that Rescue Ethiopia badge was required by local authority to review for several days which supposed to be in my mother’s purse in the morning while I could not find it in my drawer and anywhere else I could think it had been placed. Little poor David, me, gave back the South Africa Anti-Apartheid badge with NTD$200 in total donated. That’s all the story.

David CK Chang, SSN057-86-4042,
January 26, 2013,
National Central Library,
Taipei City


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