Commander issued clearance

Opel Astra H

Opel Astra H (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On August 1, 1994, I was told to leave the platoon leader post at Panchiao Military Police Station for supporting the Red Cross Association mission at MP base at Linkuo, Taipei County, to enlist in a military exercise. The US Congress at the moment was visiting Taipei and scheduled to visit the military exercise for friendship and also for weapon purchase promotion activity. Then US First Lady Mrs Hillary R. Clinton was leading the group of US delegates that was visiting Taiwan. Just a month before in July, I had received a document from the Human Resource Department of the Executive Yuan and the National Defense Department, which was a promotion list for the Panchiao Military Station HR officer to review. There were some one hundred military officers being promoted on the list, waiting for HR officer to approve, including general ranks, field grade colonel ranks, lieutenant ranks, with various military posts for review and approval. Since the company leader and my senior Mr Lin Dong-Bei was absent at that time, I was told that I was the deputy of my senior and then I stamped my rubber stamp on the human resource document which was on my desk. This promotion document was including my name on the list to become the staff officer of MP, occupying lieutenant colonel rank, from the previous MP platoon leader post with second lieutenant rank. It was notifying that there would be soon a military base training along with the promotion.

The US Sergeant Ms. Eva Ivory, who was dropped dead gorgeous in her Eisenhower MP uniform as an MP petty officer to keep the safety of the Military Police Reserve Officer Class members, she was reported to be dead on August 14, 1994 around Taipei City, Beitou area. Several days before, my parents were coming to the Linkuo MP base to have an on-camp visit, while I was still in a Red Cross mission to support the military exercise activity. I was told by some private to go to the visiting room at the front gate of the military base because I had a guest coming to camp on that day. Therefore, I dropped my on-camp job and went to the camp visiting room. When I was just arrived at the guest’s visiting room, I saw my parents have their Germany imported national car, OPEL Vectra sedan, directly driving through the military camp base to the guest’s visiting room. The car door of the backseat was drawn open when I came near the car to spot that it was my mother in the car, and I was told to get in that OPEL sedan without leaving me any space to have a second thought. Before I could have anything on my mind, the car door slammed closed and my father had already been operating the sedan through the military base front gate and passed the guard on the check point. I did not quite notice from the back seat that my father handed in a clearance issued by the camp commander. The German product OPEL sedan was leaving the front gate of MP base and I was alerted with lightning reflexes to speak out and ask my parents that if they had requested a Leave of Absence for me from the military camp leader. My parents told me that it was acted by the military order. As the approving identity informed and identified when the OPEL sedan passing through the front gate of military base checkpoint, the camp commander Mr Sheng Shi-Ki together with the Watching Group commander Mr Lin Fong-Cheng on the checkpoint clear the OPEL sedan to leave during the military exercise period. Mr General Sheng Shi-Ki was newly promoted to general rank, and Mr Lin Fong-Cheng was former Taipei county Administration Chief.

But my parents did not make a photocopy of that clearance issued by the camp commander for future inquiry. That seemed to turn out to be an annoying problem and lasting for decades up to this moment. In fact, on August 1, 1994 when I was leaving the Panchiao Military Police Station for the Linkuo MP base to register in a Red Cross supporting mission just before the military exercise began, it was supposed to be a task force mission supported by several of the only twelve members of the Red Cross MP Reserve Officer Crew membership holders in the Army Military Police Corps, with the clearance issued from camp commander, there would not be another Leave of Absence needed or should be permitted from the military base camp officials.

But on the military police camp I was very shy and on August 23, 1994 when the Panchiao Military Police Station company leader and senior Mr Lin Dong-Bei coming to the base to see me, I was just wearing a fatigue shirt with only private armband, trying to avert to answer the question why I was leaving the military base front gate, or the question about where I have been to , and even arguing for if a leave of absence was required as a second lieutenant platoon leader to support a Red Cross mission in a military exercise enlisting activity, or even the previous physical confronting and quarrels with the company leader senior Mr Lin Dong-Bei. Without my lieutenant ranks sticks on my shoulder, I was lying in bed and refusing to answer the senior Mr Lin for any possible question he might raise, including the HR promotion list which I endorsed with my rubber stamp. The interaction between me and the senior Mr Lin Dong-Bei seemed to be recorded and discussed later by the US officials as sort of pretext to accuse me to be without courage, or simply a cowardice deed. That criticizing of lacking courage and cowardice was not true. Actually, I was just shy away from arguing with the senior Mr Lin about the issue that if a leave of absence approval was required as a Red Cross mission supporting member in a military exercise on base occasion.

Actually, on the second day after I had reported to the Linkuo MP base when I was enlisted in the military exercise, on August 2, 1994, I was wearing the sash as order of the platoon leader in the base camp for regular camp activity, there was a thrilling cold feeling making me trembling, and the camp political warfare officer, Mr Yang Ru-Ming suddenly appeared along with an informer role, setting aside the previous day in the company officer requesting me to help their company platoon leader job because the company was short of manpower, especially the second lieutenant officers, the informer claimed to the camp political warfare officer Mr Yang Ru-Ming that I was an identified spy and a questionable member from outside the MP base. I was given a shot of injection in the Paramedical Office after I was ordered coming back to the Panchiao Military Police Station for an errand required by the Linkuo MP base Paramedical Office. The endgame was looming quite horrible when I was offered a medical leave of two days as the regular vacation from the Panchiao Military Police Station and went to the nearby Panchiao Chung-Hsin Hospital down the street from my house for an allergic cure injection and found out that my left arm was turning up totally bruised, as if hit very hard by the hooligans in the military camp. But the next day in a sound sleep when I waked up the bruise was all subsided and I was coming back to the Linkuo MP camp around August 6, 1994, as the two day’s regular vacation permitted to stay outside the military camp. My mother was horrified by the bruise on my arm and the injection. She came to find the officials that she knew for consulting about what to do with such an event.

At the meantime, the US Sergeant Ms Eva Ivory was blamed for that injection, and then she quitted her military training before her death on August 14, 1994. Then US President Mr Bill Clinton’s mother, her name was discovered later in 2005 from the autobiographies to be called Mrs Virginia, with an identity quite like Ms Betsey White, the governor’s daughter at YWCA, Taipei City, saying that she would take all the responsibility of moving the German product OPEL sedan outside the Linkuo MP base front gate to make a lieutenant leave the post. When they were arguing around August 22, 1994, Mrs Virginia was in a rebellious tone to say that she would follow the opinions which she found out in the southern part of Taiwan, that she would be sided with the people of the south and if they would hate “Military Police” then she would follow them and then she simply just said that she hate the Military Police, in spite of that the voice from the USA was advising her and warning her that Mr Dwight Eisenhower, Mr General and the former US President, he was an MP member. Mrs Virginia at the moment was saying that she would carry the responsibility of moving the German product OPEL sedan outside the MP camp base to make the Red Cross MP officer leaving the military post, and also carry the responsibility of the August 14, 1994 US Sergeant Eva Ivory’s death, Mrs Virginia died on August 24, 1994 in the USA(Las Vegas area).

From the information inside the base, the camp commander Mr General Sheng Shi-Ki firstly held the opinion that Mrs Virginia was dying in the USA, and besides, the Republican boss Mr Hugh Rodham in 1990 November just died at Taipei with his daughter Hillary Rodham simply just getting pursued to kill when she was investigating the case, out of revenge activities and conflicts between the Democrats and the Republicans overseas, therefore Mrs Virginia’s death could be having nothing to do with Taiwan. But only a week later in September 1994, the information source from the USA revealed that there was a Political Warfare Cadre Academy member from Taipei, Mr Liu Yang-Liang, had set out for the USA on August 14, 1994 just after Sergeant Eva Ivory’s death, approaching Mrs Virginia and asking for testifying the death case of Sergeant Ms Eva Ivory, until the death of Mrs Virginia on August 24, 1994. That Political War Cadre Academy member, Mr Liu Yang-Liang was my classmate in Jianguo High School, also was Sergeant Eva Ivory’s junior classmate in the Political Warfare Cadre Academy in 1994.

According to reliable source, then US President Mr Bill Clinton was reported to be shown up on television of some cable TV or satellite news, located in China, of Shenzhen or Shanghai areas, and then US First Lady Mrs Hillary R. Clinton was meeting him after Eva Ivory’s death on August 14, 1994, via Hong Kong and flied back to the Washington D.C. of USA. Later the information denoted that the USA President Mr Bill Clinton said that he did not observe how the death of Mrs Virginia happened, and Mrs Virginia seemed to be deceased at the Las Vegas area in the USA. Both the autobiographies “My Life” of Mr Bill Clinton, and “Living History” of Mrs Hillary R. Clinton in 2003 have details including photos and descriptions of Mrs Virginia, Mr Clinton’s beloved mother.

After September 1994 when reviewing the MP base military exercise or on the day August 22, 1994 when Mrs Virginia just said that she hate the Military Police, then MP General and commander Mr Sheng Shi-Ki withdrew the promise that he was helping the second lieutenant officer Mr David Chang from the MP Reserve Officer class since Virginia sided with the southern Taiwan and acted to represent Mr Bill Clinton and acted to be sort of proxy of the S. Lt. Mr David Chang, me. The politics made use of the fact that when the OPEL sedan was going through the Linkuo base main gate he was approving the clearance as commander, but the clearance was coming from former Taipei County Administrative Chief Mr Lin Fong-Cheng as the deputy of commander. The military police camp and commander then was de facto betraying my mother who was seeking help for the injection to cause my left arm bruised thoroughly, with the potential to cripple me for life. At the moment former Taiwan President Mr Lee Teng-Hui was following the USA advice to support a military system improving operation plan called “the Sophisticated Noncommissioned Officer System” to enhance soldier command system instead of officer command system. Mr General Sheng Shi-Ki said that he could not support this operation to weaken the military officer line command system and would be in conflict with Mr Lin Fong-Cheng who was announcing to support the former Mr President Lee Teng-hui for this “Sophisticated Noncommissioned Officer System” operation plan. For the hot debating of the system change, General Mr Sheng Shi-Ki allowed the MP Reserve Officer classmates in camp to argue that my parents driving the German OPEL sedan through the Linkuo base main gate was a kind of illegal behavior for me, the second lieutenant officer of military police corps. Although my parents had handed in a clearance from the commander to the checkpoint, they just denied it.

When I arrived at the New York City on June 29, 1996 to start my City University of New York, Baruch Business Graduate School class with my I-20 form having been exchanged to the student F1-Visa, there were lots of discouraging voice advising me to back off the graduate study because it would be dangerous for me and with potential to cost my life. One advice was 1996 May at Taipei City at the cram school street after I had received the Baruch and Buffalo and Kent University I-20 forms, several of my MP Reserve Officer classmates warning that authority banned us to study in the USA. Another advice was in early July 1996 when I just arrived at the New York City, identified in sort of Taiwanese style friendly tone a message queried me why I would come to the USA and when I answered that I came to USA for my graduate study, the man of the message represented the USA or New York City just advised me to quit the graduate program and go home. He said via message to me and the bystander audience that, “You go having some sightseeing. Forget your graduate study program, by all means you would be sent back to Taiwan. You could not finish your MBA program.” On the first Tuesday after school open day when I had Marketing Management class on August 3, 1996, discussing about some Harvard University published textbooks and the dyslexia, I was advised by Mrs Wu Shu-Chen, the Taipei mayor’s wife to leave the graduate program, because that would be no good to take the life of a relative to stay in the program and reading smoothly with the Harvard University textbook. But my grandmother Mrs Chang Wang-Me died on August 9, 1996, six days well after Mrs Wu Shu-chen giving this advice to leave the Baruch business school graduate program. Why she would make this suggestion? On July 15, 1996, Thursday, I had a direct contact with Maria Perry and Sally Virginia on a booth on 42 Street at the Time Square. On July 24, 1996, Saturday, I came again to the booth but did not reach any of the store staffs, though. If the New York State citizen Sally Virginia who told me at the booth that she was born in 1969 would have a faked name but only to notify me that it was the name of Mr. President Bill Clinton’s mother, it could be very plausible. The initial of Mississippi High School second grade student was MP, to denote that I was a military police officer from Taipei, was also plausible. Maria was 17 years old, Zodiac sign Virgo, but did not tell me her birthday. Later the information notified me that the 19 years old Ms Julia could have come there the other day, but I did not see her at the booth. In July 1996 at Manhattan, New York City, message identified as from then US President Mr Bill Clinton, said that he would like to know that if the 27 years old Sally Virginia was using her name to tell David about his mother’s death on August 24, 1994, but President Mr Bill Clinton said that apparently Virginia’s death had nothing to do with David, as the conversation revealed for sort of polygraph test alike query and David just passed the test. But later the former US President Bill Clinton said that he would make the 1994 death case of Virginia, his beloved mother, upon this United Nations Child Abuse Case account Mr David, a child who Mrs Hillary R. Clinton had known since 1971 he was just a baby, Mr Bill Clinton would make Virginia death case the same fashion as that of Mr Hugh Rodham 1990 November death case which Mrs Hillary R. Clinton in 1992 September making upon the very child, Mr David Chang in his junior year of National Chiao Tung University(NCTU). Mr President Bill Clinton seemed to be mocking the comment that Mrs Hillary R. Clinton always helped me, a UN Child Abuse account international MBA student. Mr Bill Clinton said that he was trying to refresh my memory and to remind me. Later on August 9, 1996 my grandmother died with gross negligent medical faults and I was harassed and forced to leave the MBA program in the USA on October 22, 1996. Returning back to 19 years ago, if only we could use the clearance issued from the camp commander in August 1994 to avert all of these difficulties.

David CK Chang, SSN057-86-4042,
February 20, 2013,
National Central Library,
Taipei City

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