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Just nipping down the pharmacy for a DNA paternity test #duanereade #dna #paternity #pharmacy #kit #test #newyork #nyc (Photo credit: markhillary)

In my previous essay released on January 2, 2013 “My ex-girlfriend and my classmates”, mentioned that 1998 November when I asked my ex-girlfriend about the T-shape scar on her abdomen and after that we parted mostly from my ex-girlfriend’s decision. She did not mention that quite clearly, only with a hint that she had a conflict in the National Security Bureau(NSB) and together with her sister she argued that although I was with the intake of Risperdal Janssen drug(J&J) I should bear responsibility to take care of the stuff as an adult male. But actually they did not explain quite clearly, I took that as the appendix remove operation. But it was not. As far as I know, it was from an abortion action to give up the already conceived child, but instead my ex-girlfriend’s sister took up the advice from local official that they make a surrogate births for the aborted fetus with some kind of medical or governmental project which was binding with military contract or long-term research funds that governmental budget allocated. For the consideration of my ex-girlfriend’s sister, at the moment she was intended to preserve evidence of the alleged rape to her sister and the military violence for child abortion in the NSB(National Security Bureau) after the rape. She took up the official advice from NSB just within two days after the abortion operation, could be in July 1998. As to the surrogate births child, my ex-girlfriend had a sexual intercourse on April 4, 1998 with my high school classmate Mr Tsai in the NSB within a private room, that was just after her menses which she told me in that very morning and from the getting along with her on the previous weekend dating. On that day which was also a weekend day, we had sex in the morning but had used the Durex condom my ex-girlfriend gave me in January as my birthday gift, and then she told me that she was going out to attend some military gathering(in the NSB) but I did not take in what she said in that day very well. I was lying in bed in her room all that morning waiting for her. Later in April 1999 my ex-girlfriend’s sister had borne a child which was a girl as a surrogate mother. I have seen the baby girl once in 2000 in a distance when the baby girl together with her brother Kelly walking down the stairs in their grandmother’s apartment, not very far from my house.

My ex-girlfriend’s sister had an MBA degree from Kansas, USA in 1995 with her husband, and she was a teacher in local elementary school for special education. Her first child named Kelly who died from car accident or with combining medical faults in April 2002. They threatened to send Kelly to the special education class with warning from the USA that they would abandon the child if they dare to send him to special education class. That my ex-girlfriend’s sister had taken that the surrogate births baby girl child as was mine, since the very day she decided to do the surrogate pregnancy, or maybe from the White House warning that it was an insult to Mr President Bill Clinton, and the USA First Lady, for Mr Bill Clinton had a child from a surrogate mother which the USA official had been avoided to be released to the public.That surrogate pregnancy was recorded in the file together with surrogate mother discussing articles in the children’s newspaper Mandarin Daily News scientific news in the 1970s. Mr Clinton had come to Taipei in 1990 November and had stayed for half a year, in library searching for related articles, when I had met him on November 2, 1990 in Hsin-Chu City. The local official who was making that suggestion to my ex-girlfriend’s sister was said to be former Taipei County Administrative Chief Mr Lin Fong-cheng. He had a university age child died in the USA around 1983.

Around 2004 November my ex-girlfriend was trying to contact me from the neighbor community, at least for three times for that already elementary school age surrogate birth girl, after her sister made the same effort to contact me from that dwelling apartment previously. From these information which was what I had known, implied that both my ex-girlfriend and her sister had not been aware that the surrogate child was not mine but had taken that baby girl as to be mine. My ex-girlfriend was stop by her sister from the community to find me out from my house, hinted her that according to some DNA Paternity Testing report, her child from surrogate births was not mine, but Tsai’s. It was a report in 2000 from the USA, and the NCTU professor Mr Yang Gu-yang(Mr Soong Kai-Tai) went to the USA investigating for the report. Mr Hong Xiu-Bao who was mentioned to be executed in 2005 in my previous January 2 released article, was ordered to go to the USA to follow up Mr Yang Gu-yang’s investigation about the DNA Paternity Testing in year 2000. When Mr Hong Xiu-Bao came back years later, he chose to inform Mr Tsai who was the surrogate births child’s father and my ex-girlfriend’s sister who was the surrogate mother and refused to inform me, who was ever to be his platoon leader in 1994. There was a NSB Central Army troop arrived in Chia-Yi at the moment, and Mr Hong Xiu-Bao was inquired that why he released the so-called “military top secret” to Mr Tsai, then got executed from one NSB leader, Mr Liao Cheng-han, who ever claimed that he was Chia-Yi country folk. There was also a call for the execution in the name that Mr Hong Xiu-Bao did not obey the military order and violate his superior in military order. But that seemed to refer to Mr Chen Tien Long, not me. The Chia-yi country folks later came to find the executioner, but Mr Liao seemed had an execution order, probably from the high level USA official or Taiwan official to be exempted from the revenge killing of Chia-yi country folks. Mr Liao Cheng-han’s sister and his Canadian young son Eric’s same mother, who had a failed heart operation and died late 2004 in infirmary of Taipei suburb military directing headquarter, and he was seeking revenge on the Chia-yi country folks. That’s what I heard from Mr Liao in his late years before his death.

Mr Yang Gu-yang was said to have a DNA Paternity Testing himself as well as the testing of Mr Tsai and mine with my ex-girlfriend. That was because Mr Yang had a dispute with a girl who seemed to be his student in the NCTU about who was the father of the new born baby or a pair of children. That girl was a daughter from the Uni-President company, who served in the Military Police Special Squad under military training, also was a student in NCTU campus. When the Uni-President Mr Gao Ching-Yuan got the report from his daughter from the USA, there was another DNA Paternity Testing conducting to be verifying that if Mr Yang(Mr Soong Kai-Tai) was Mr Tse-Ven Soong’s youngest son, Madam Chiang Soong Mei-Ling’s relative. Setting aside the DNA Paternity Testing of his daughter, the DNA testing report of Mr Yang’s was ordered to be bringing back as higher priority order than his own daughter’s DNA Paternity Testing report. That was that, you know.

Before 2005, Tsai’s father had the same idea as my ex-girlfriend’s sister about the governmental funded project of the surrogate births child, while he knew that his son Mr Tsai had been alleged to rape my ex-girlfriend. He had thought that the child was mine but not Mr Tsai’s. At the meantime there had been warning from the USA, including the CIA and the White House level command line that it was an insult to the USA White House Mr and Mrs President Clinton to conduct a project of surrogate birth child and to do with the United Nations Child Abuse Case account Mr David Chang who was just dropped out from City University of New York in October 1996. Mrs First Lady Hillary Clinton once was said to comment that the only United Nations account child who she had been known since he was a nursed infant baby, there would not be any possible real relationship between this UN account Mr David Chang who represented Taiwan and she that represented the USA at the moment. That was a very serious statement, when I was doing the intake of J&J Janssen drug to be numbed. Mr Tsai had come to the USA and filed a report about the day in April 1998 he had sex with my ex-girlfriend and signed certain contract, so did my ex-girlfriend after him to explain that when she flied to the USA. Both the handed in reports was said to be advised to be altered for the privy’s purpose. Mr Tsai’s father was glad that Tsai had the chance to replace me, who had a photo with the USA First Lady on August 2, 1996 the CUNY Baruch school open day, to be the hottest person on behalf of Mrs Hillary Clinton from Taipei. But when Mr Tsai’s father got the information from Mr Hong Xiu-Bao telling Mr Tsai and my ex-girlfriend’s sister in 2005 that according to DNA Paternity Testing from the USA, the father of the surrogate births project child was Mr Tsai, not me, Mr David Chang, Hong’s 1994 MP platoon leader, Tsai’s father was very angry and threatened to kill Mr Liao Cheng-han and me, Mr Chang, that ”Mr Liao Cheng-han and Tsai’s classmate Mr Chang by coalition to ruin Tsai’s future.” But later Tsai’s father changed his comment during the lawsuit Tsai and his father himself both involved related with Mr Liao Cheng-han’s multiple identities, said that Liao as Tsai’s leader in the NSB manipulated Tsai to make NSB military action to kill Mr Chang, his son’s high school classmate, as the first target, would make Tsai lose all his friends and to be only himself and got ruined. Tsai’s father changed his words to say that it was evil for Mr Liao Cheng-Han as Tsai’s NSB leader to manipulate Tsai against his friends and classmates, he would therefore kill Mr Liao Cheng-han to stop it before Tsai was losing all his friend. That was before Mr Liao Cheng-han died on March 17, 2008.


David CK Chang, SSN057-86-4042,

March 4, 2013

New Taipei City Library,

Bancio District,

New Taipei City


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