Identity Theft Criminal Case notice, in HBR, Time and Citibank triple accounts

Patch of New York City Police Department

Patch of New York City Police Department (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Post on March 8, 2013, by David CK Chang, from Taipei…

From: David Bryan Chang (
Sent: Wednesday, March 06, 2013 4:11:55 PM
To: HB Review (
Cc: (; JAROCorgtw法官協會 (

Dear HBR Customer Service Mrs Nadia Israel :

Please kindly be informed that the HBR customer database in Taiwan, Taipei area, if the subscribing account was using the identity of USA Social Security Number, SSN057-86-4042, to subscribe your HBR magazine, was illegal. This event had ever been investigated by local district court prosecutor, but without official channels to verify the USA social security number issuing from the New York City government, which therefore to notify me they were pending the criminal case investigation at end of 2010.

For such an identity of USA Social Security Number was acquired in 1996 August by myself, your Far East area HBR five years long term subscriber billing by Citibank Visa Gold credit card with double click $297 to be $594 in total payment in October 2005, along with my City College of New York Baruch international student F1-Visa, which was exchanged from an I-20 form with detailed personal information well registered. The officer in Brooklyn Bureau of New York City consented for a special case to offer me the Social Security Number for knowing I was probably forcing to come back to Taipei soon in 1996 with some civil rights or human rights legal issues. The address of that social security number and I-20 form was as the following in the Hotmail personal signature name card along with telephone numbers.

If in the late 2010 August your HBR subscription customer from Taipei area, and/or the Time magazine subscription customer the HBR customer service may know who was using this theft identity social security number in subscriber personal credit card information or even using as the subscription account name and personal information, please kindly be informed, or simply notify the New York City police department NYPD, or notify local officials such as the Taipei District Court Prosecutors Office or New Taipei District Court(former Banciao District Court) Prosecutors Office, or inform local police. Because that would be an identity theft criminal case. Many thanks.

Your once subscriber customer from New Taipei City(Taipei county)


Mr David Chang, SSN057-86-4042,
March 6, 2013,
send from National Central Library, Taipei City

     David CK Chang 
    3rd Fl.,204 ChungHsiao Rd., Panchiao,
        New Taipei City 22064, Taiwan, R.O.C.
     Tel: 886-2-29550553,
        Tel: 886-2-89529809, N/A
     Mobile: 886-(0)930568181, N/A
                             0953718256, N/A

> From:
> To:
> Subject: Harvard Business Review Email
> Date: Tue, 5 Mar 2013 10:17:02 +0000
> Amsterdam, 05/03/2013
> Your account number: 431242551
> Please be advised that we have removed all details from our database. Please allow 8 – 12
> weeks for all the information to be completely removed. We apologise in advance for any
> correspondence you receive in the interim.
> Thank you for your interest in Harvard Business Review magazine. If we can be of any further
> assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.
> Yours sincerely,
> Harvard Business Review magazine
> Mrs Nadia Israel
> Customer Service Representative
> Many of your questions regarding your Harvard Business Review magazine subscription can now
> be answered online by going to

Social Security Number



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