The Rose Law Firm and Breeze Liao’s libel case

Rear, old entrance of Rose Law Firm in Little ...

Rear, old entrance of Rose Law Firm in Little Rock, Arkansas. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1. Brooklyn Bureau 1996 offered Social Security No SSN057864042 for human rights account with Baruch’s I-20 form which id theft-er was without.

2. Id theft-er SSN057864042 applied job, even green card, sign CIA contract. Query victim 2000, but 2001 crashed victim’s vehicle for id issue.

3. Recent review in New Taipei City Library of Chiu’s movie “Four Lewd Girls”, was perjury purpose, which in investigating occasion reviewed 2004 winter.

4. Chiu was starring 20 more movies, while her elder sister only starring 2 movies plus an id theft Chiu’s name in “Naked Lamb” with NSB order.

5. Recent review in New Taipei City Library of Chiu’s movie “Four Lewd Girls”, was perjury purpose, which in investigating occasion reviewed 2004 winter.

6. It would be not proper for Justice Yuan to regard the two siblings to be the same victim to cover an international brutality of war.

7. Barren He No. 3499 July 22 filed against Toyota for murder attempt and fraud, with court least regards, violated Constitution Art 16th.

8. The citizen rights in ROC, Constitution Article 16th, was about the citizen rights to have a lawsuit.

9. The former NY Gov in 1997 ever came to Taipei for the coordinating Republican law firm, testifying in Congress he did not know victim Chang.

10. A Harvard law alumni 1996 advised Ralf Liu against Liao’s multiple identity to win a verdict, but Liu signed by NSB to pass it into oblivion.

11. 1996 summer in NYC, besides a UN Human Rights case, there was Liao’s federal court case which was advised by Republican Rose Law firm.

12. The coordinating NY law firm which took care that Liao’s registered address was discovered to be the same as the Baruch student Chang’s.

13. That was why the Harvard alumni lawyer testifying in US congress regrets that he did not know Chang who had a photo shot with First Lady.

14. That’s why Mr Ralf Liu had an id-theft chance to Chang’s social security number in NYC, it was said to reconcile with the NYC law firms.

15. 2006 Baruch and Brooklyn Bureau ever connected victim Chang, but Liu had paid taxes with military job in US, while Chang could not replace.

16. Identity theft of social security number was low class criminal commit as US law convention ruled, therefore it was not followed in 2006.

17. The victim in 5 years term subscribing to Harvard Business Review, 2004 June -2010 Apr with Citi Gold credit card, finally classified to be psychopath.

18. HBR editor Julia Kirby sent Time magazine coupon subscribing ticket due on May 2010, arrived at Chang’s in June 2010, had been overdue.

19. That Time coupon overdue was mocking, same as Citibank mail-order usually overdue, therefore delayed to this Feb 18 reply subscribing to Time.

20. There were two magazine and one bank id-theft accounts discovered in HBR, Time, and Citibank. Julia Kirby 12′ June survived fall in water.

21. Local notified victim Chang that it’s New Taipei District Court through Taipei District Court to send out the Time coupon, not Julia Kirby did.

22. But 2010 summer HBR blame editor Julia Kirby not following up the id-theft case, she answered that the Time coupon sent to Chang suffices.

23. From Julia Kirby’s answer to HBR management, inferred that Time coupon was sent by her, though local prosecutors claimed that credit.

24. 2011 June Julia Kirby’s complaint, her same name elder sister died, caused by Taipei blame her betraying them to notify id theft victim.

25. Dec 29 2011 New Taipei Criminal Police arrested victim Chang from home and prosecuting, trial libel without legal elements more than a year.

26. Libel lawsuit target was a Yahoo blog serving a purpose for testifying Chiu’s 2004 death case, which was a brutality of war crime.

27. District court made a 1-year custodial sentence 2013 Jan 31, not appliance with Constitution Art 7, Art 8, Art 16, and without conscience.

28. That’s to destroy the evidence of Yahoo blog serving for testifying brutality of war crime, and defiled the testifying citizen who wrote it.

29. The main evidence claimed by prosecutor was defendant acknowledge that Yahoo blog was his, but using an executive order close it on Jun 24.

30. Prosecutors and judge claimed they did not know who owned the Yahoo blog, but closed the blog several months before the guilty sentence.

(FB). The comment in 1995 summer on a Yale law school alumni elite lawyer’s citing of National Taiwan University Law School “case study”, which was on Liao’s multiple identity law case, that it would only be an alumni from Harvard Law School to be with capability to challenge the Yale Law School elite alumni’s citing. That lawyer was advising Ralf Liu not criticizing the NTU’s law case but to sue a fraud case against Liao instead. Mr Liao was advised by the Rose Law Firm since 1986 which had a handshaking message in Jianguo high school to use the privy Chang’s address to be Mr Liao’s. The Rose Law Firm was registered in New York and London, while the Harvard alumni and later New York Governor was also from a law firm registered in New York.

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