For Time and HBR magazine to verify misdemeanor of identity theft in both accounts

Citi Gold Statement

From: David Bryan Chang (
Sent: Friday, March 22, 2013 2:10:22 PM

To: HBR Adi Ignatius (; (; (

Cc: JAROCorgtw法官協會 (; (

Dear Ms Irina Lin, Time magazine and HBR magazine:

As the identity theft issue to my identity related accounts of the Time and HBR magazines, or even of Citibank accounts to be whitewashing international crimes, I have a copy of Citibank credit card statement in October 2005 which could serve as the purpose to clarify my identity. Enclosure. My HBR and Citibank accounts could be verified in the credit card statement enclosed in this email letter in JPG-format picture that my HBR account paid $594 in 4 years term from 2005 through 2010 April for subscribing payment, and to verify my Citibank Citi-Gold credit card account in itself of this 2005 October credit card statement though the credit card account was closed in 2006 June. Same as my passport overdue gap during 2002 January through 2002 May delayed by the processing officials and even changed my passport number deliberately and probably this time overdue again with a gap since 2013 January for an identity theft timing, to report to the USA agency for the green card issue of residency in Washington DC or Ohio State which were reported years ago. The US agency AIT had checked up my I-20 with old passport in 2004, probably for this issue, when I was applying a five year term B1/B2 VISA with the new passport number. For your reference.

For the Time Hong Kong customer service and Ms Irina Lin email letter reply on March 21 which mentioned that there could not be located another customer account to be related with my identity theft issue, in my English or Chinese name, address at No 204 Chunghsio Road Banciao District in New Taipei City, my passport number, Taiwan identity card number F121485303, or USA social security card number SSN 057864042, in the Time magazine subscriber accounts, I have further information for the Time magazine and the HBR magazine to follow up this misdemeanor which was alleged by the New Taipei District Court Prosecutors Office(the former Banciao District Court Prosecutors Office) in 2009 December and 2010 April to be happened in your subscribing customer accounts.

The Time magazine hired Holland TNT deliver workers in 2009 August subscribed to the magazine by using a faked identity credit card, which was using a passport in English name with social security card number applying from the Taiwan Business Bank and filled in the delivering address to be identity theft address at Chunghiso Road, in former Panchiao(Bancio) Taipei County(New Taipei City). More than three months the TNT worker for Time magazine had been fetching the magazine from Time TNT office which was billing in the victim’s identity theft account and address, therefore the police from local post office could not have any delivery record in the victim dwelling Banciao Post Office. After the Baciao District Court Prosecutors Office in 2009 notifying the Time magazine this identity theft issue, and in 2010 March or April with an informal method queried the HBR magazine about the victim social security number identity theft issue, probably the TNT worker’s Time subscribing account was arbitrated to be the same misdemeanor committed out of psychosis as that of another appropriated faked identity HBR account which he started after 2010 April the victim’s HBR account was due, that TNT worker from Time magazine subscriber registering center with arbitrated legal issue demanded to change his delivering address from victim’s to a new address of a dead classmate’s problem address. The address was, 6th Fl. No. 5-11, Alley 217, Sec. 3 Chunghisao East Rd., Taipei City. The Time account delivered to a new name of Mr Yang Da-Ching, in several months later changed to Mr Huang Da-Ching, which was name of the dead classmate with a nuance, of Mr Huang Teng-Ching and matched the delivered address in the Taipei City which the dead classmate used to dwell in. That TNT worker still had been fetching the magazine from the Time and TNT delivery center for several months, then fetched the subscribed Time magazine from the magazine delivered Taipei City address of Mr Yang/Huang Da Ching’s, which was supposed to be the Time magazine identity theft account should be located, sir.

Earlier this January and February local police officer Mr Da Y. Tsong followed up this identity theft issue in the Time account, still cannot find out the delivery record in the Banciao Post Office to the identity theft victim, further the identity theft suspect changed his name in Time which name was deceased in legal status. Several days later on my birthday Feb 18, I had the ads reply subscribing order form sent back to the Time.

The Time ads reply subscribing order had a time limit to reply before 2010 May, but it was delivered to my house on 2010 June 2, after a weekend. As I was always receiving my Citibank mail-order DM with favorite goods overdue, I was sure that was a mocking subscribing coupon which was sent to me intended to be overdue. Therefore, I did not reply that subscribing order immediately though the guiding message from local Taipei District Court or New Taipei District Court law enforcement people hinted to subscribe for them to follow up the identity theft criminal case. The subscribing order was arrived in 2010 June, passed the 2010 May special subscribing YES rate. It was also rumored that in the Taipei District Court who sent out the Time ads reply order from the Time magazine office, died months later in 2010 with HBR editor Ms Julia Kirby, the elder sister of a Holland girl of University of Pennsylvania freshman who I met at Philadelphia YMCA on August 7 1996. The two sisters had the same name.

Best Regards,

David Chang, SSN057-86-4042, F121485303,
March 22, 2013,
National Central Library,
Taipei City

     David CK Chang
    3rd Fl.,204 ChungHsiao Rd., Banciao District,
        New Taipei City, 22064, Taiwan, R.O.C.
     Tel: (02)-29550553
        Tel: 886-2-89529809, N/A
     Mobile: 886-(0)930568181, N/A
                             0953718256, N/A

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