Andrea Riseborough, Tech 49 platformIn 1996 June in the New York City, a young boy with a blue baseball cap coming by the news stand when I was discussing the price of a pack of cigarette in New York City with Mr Robert De Niro, and the young boy told me that he was called Tom. Tom, you don’t know Tom? Oh, I just forgot at that moment, many things obsessed me. So, the boy lying on the grass in the picture of the movie Oblivion was Tom, just as 1996 he told me as a young boy with the same baseball blue cap. After I went to the local movie theater and watched the movie “Oblivion” Tom Cruise was starring, this was the first thing which was coming into my mind.

OblivionIn the movie “Oblivion”, Jack Harper(Tom Cruise) was Tech 49 lived with Victoria(Andrea Riseborgough) at Sky Tower 49, Platform Tech 49. One day Jack Harper(Tom Cruise) was fighting with repairman Tech 52 who came to repair the crashed No. 166. Jack Harper Tech 49 tied Tech 52’s hands and was using Tech 52’s Bubble Ship helicopter coming back to Sky Tower 52. The two repairmen(Tom Cruise) fighting of Tech 49 with Tech 52, looked just like the World of Warcraft game level 75 Quest, Mystery of the Infinite, “My Future Self thinks shes a Holy Melee … looking whispers – and it turns out its a future me to help me in my quest. As the quest mobs came, and we protected the hourglass. … the item enhancement for a piece of gear I will probably replace in a few levels anyway.” Tech 49 Jack Harper went into Sky Tower 52 and found out that Victoria was also the hostess of Tower 52, greeting him just like she was in the Tower 49. Victoria blocked Jack Harper, the repairman Tech 49 outside Sky Tower 49 for Jack bring back a woman Julia(Olga KuryLenko) from the radiation zone. Morgan Freeman was also starring in the movie. He acted just like an angel role in Jim Carrey’s movie or a Sion mentor role in Keanu Reeves’ movie, the Matrix.

David CK Chang, SSN057-86-4042,

April 18, 2013,


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