Reading “My Life, Bill Clinton” Ch1-Ch23

My LifeMy Life, William Jefferson Clinton 2004, Alfred A. Knopf, Random House, Inc.

1. Page 182, Ch17
“We spent the next several days together, just hanging around, talking about everything under the sun. The next weekend Hillary went up to Vermont on a long-planned visit to the man she had been dating. I was anxious about it. I didn’t want to lose her. When she got home late Sunday night I called her. She was sick as a dog, so I bought her some chicken soup and orange juice. From then on we were inseparable. She spent a lot of time at our house on the beach and quickly won over Doug, Don, and Bill.
She didn’t do so well with my mother when she came to visit a few weeks later, partly because she tried to cut her own hair just before Mother arrived…”

Note 1:
This paragraph sounds like Hillary and Bill’s first dating.
In 1982 summer when I was just local junior high school pupil, there was a call out to testifying from remote law court in Arkansas and I was as a reference, for two years before in 1979 when Hillary was located at the airport in the New York City. But that conjured up memory was at the time when I was only a grad K-4 pupil during the classes break playing in school yard with other pupils. My home did not have telephone at the moment, therefore some critical information such as the shape of a public telephone or the calling in airport could not be recognized in the communication, and as a ten-year-old boy I could only realize that someone called me which my grad senior pupil reminded me that somebody using that real time message to call me, but failed to take note of the importance of that communicating. Hillary was making phone calls at the airport using public phone, and in 1982 during the Arkansas law court was held that complete content with telephone making was conjured up for a testifying reference purpose, as Hillary carrying a United Nations Child Abuse Case account preliminary documents in 1979 at New York airport telephone booth.

2. Page 218, Ch 18
“Hot Spring headquarters”
“I rented an old house on College Avenue, which was kept open mostly by college students, and often on weekends by my cousin Roy’s fifteen-year-old daughter, Marie Clinton, alone. We
painted big CLINTON FOR CONGRESS signs. Today there’s one word over the old signs: TATTOO.”

Note 2:
This reminds me when I was City University of New York, Baruch Business Graduate School student in 1996 summer, the White House staff mentioned that Hillary had two more daughters, after Bill(Robert Clinton, as it was mandated to reveal this name for the statement in this autobiography reminded us that we could not use the name “Bill” legally to address him at least before Nov. 1990) met me on November 1, 1990 when I was a sophomore at NCTU. The two daughters were five years old and three years old, while Chelsea was seventeen years old at the moment. But we could only find out Chelsea as the Clintons’ only daughter in a statement dated in 1990, and pictures of her as the only First Family daughter from the autobiographies.

3. Page 245, Ch 20
“Vince Foster”
“One day early in the legislative session, I appeared at a committee hearing to speak against a measure. The room was packed with people representing interests who were for it, including Vince Foster…”
Page 246
“We often worked until midnight to catch up, and in the process we developed a great rapport and had a terrific time.”

Note 3:
From Hillary’s autobiography “Living History”, Vince Foster was involved with “Travel Gate Scandal”, then committed suicide.
From Bill’s “My Life”, page 282, the third page of the pictures, “Miss Marie Purkins’ School for Little Folks in Hope,” Vince Foster was Bill’s kindergarten classmate.
And from page 245 and page 246, Vince Foster and Hillary were all from the Rose firm.

4. Page 323, Ch 23
“[White] went after Hillary, alleging she had a conflict of interest because the Rose firm was representing the state in its fight against the Grand Gulf nuclear plants. We had a good response to that charge, too. First, the Rose firm was working to save Arkansas money by lifting the burden of the Grand Gulf plants, while White, as a board member of one of the Middle South Utilities companies, had voted three times to go forward with construction of the plants. Second, the Public Service Commission hired the Rose firm because all the other big firms were representing utilities or other parties in the case. Both the legislature and the attorney general approved the hiring. Third, the money the state paid to the Rose firm was subtracted from the firm’s income before Hillary’s partnership profits were calculated, so she made no money from it. White seemed more interested in defending the utility’s effort to soak Arkansas ratepayers than protecting them from a conflict of interest. I asked him if his attacks on Hillary meant he wanted to run for first lady instead of governor. Our campaign even made bumper stickers and buttons that said, “Frank for First Lady.”
White’s final charges did him in. He had been working for Stephens, Inc., then the largest bond house outside Wall Street.”
(Page 325)”…Over the years, I came to like Frank White and his wife, Gay, and to enjoy being on programs with him. He had a great sense of humor, he loved Arkansas, and I was sad when he died in 2003.”

Note 4:
This paragraph could also be found from Nigel Hamilton’s “Bill Clinton, An American Journey, Great Expectation,” biography, seemed to come from the Arkansas law court documents.
Frank White was the former governor of Arkansas.

* do in. To do someone in means to kill them; an informal expression.
* do time. Someone who is doing time is in prison; an informal expression.

“Gay,” apparently was not a real name of former Arkansas governor Frank White’s divorced wife but used in the law court to hint some fact. She seemed to die in a car accident in 1980 after a testimony was given in the Arkansas law court.

David CK Chang, SSN057-86-4042,
April 19, 2013,
National Central Library,
Taipei City


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