Remarks, idetity theft ensued from felony alleged to be committed by Time account suspect

New Taipei District CourtRemarks, identity theft ensued from felony alleged to be committed by Time account suspect, June 20, 2013 A.M. 11:00 at New Taipei District Court,

1. Inquiry of Prosecutor Hsu Shi-yuan’s impeachment filed on June 6, 2013 about the case number, which is “No. 102 Ample He 2951”.

2. Consulting the prosecutors office and district court and civil lawyer foundation that if it was necessary to file a civil lawsuit with regulation fee payment to require that Time magazine’s subscriber address of three digit postal code to change back to officially five digit postal code, formerly ruled by the Taipei District Court and the New Taipei Prosecutors Office with the Banciao Post Office to mandate the Time magazine to use a three digit postal code as a special case to deliver the magazine to the New Taipei City Banciao district citizen Mr David Chang’s house, palpable violation of law convention and citizen legal interests and ever refused by the Harvard Business Review magazine and the Psychology Today magazine.

3. On June 17, 2013 allegation of an identity theft case had been reported to the police office at Chendu Road, Banciao district, that the identity theft suspect could have committed felony criminal case and would get away with the identity theft offense using my Time magazine account covered by the district court, and chances are that it could be just the customer in the revealed Time magazine customer information data account to be the subscriber of the postal code 22043. The identity theft case ensued from the potential felony criminal case were alleged to be committed by the Time magazine account suspect, and were orally registered to the police office on June 17 and registered to the New Taipei District Court Prosecutors Office today on June 20.



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