Remarks, US textbook Human Rights Case name Mr David Chang

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English: Flag of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Español: Bandera de la UNESCO Français : Drapeau de l’UNESCO Deutsch: Flagge der Organisation der Vereinten Nationen für Bildung, Wissenschaft, Kultur und Kommunikation (UNESCO) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Human Rights Case name Mr David Chang, which mentioned in the USA textbook, published 2004 in Arkansas, later the copyright was sold to some publisher in Tennessee, Alabama or Texas state. The textbook is circulating mostly in the states of Arkansas and Texas. The textbook is used by some of the elementary schools in the Florida areas. That textbook was brought upon to some Taiwanese political review including bipartisan DPP and KMT politicians in 2004 before the copyrights was sold from the Arkansas publisher to Alabama or Tennessee publisher.

The United Nations child abuse case, case name Mr David Chang, who had in person signed a UN investigation agreement on August 6, 1996 in the New York City, then the killings of six relatives ensued…“More than ten years the privy’s mother Mrs Wu Yu-Shing after the death of mother-in-law Mrs Wang-Me Chang, successively suffered the bereavement of the death of brother-in-law, Mr Ching-Yuan Chang who died in June 2000, her sister Mrs Yu Jin-Zhi’s death on September 28, 1999 in front of the Presidential Office Building Taipei, nephew Mr Zong-dian Liu’s death on October 10, 1999 in Chiayi Sun Link Sea Resort after trapped in the tour bus await death, sister-in-law (Yu) King Zhi on July 15, 2004 or later during the police inquiry and the judicial investigation killed by medical gross negligence in the hospital, the husband of sister-in-law, Mr Weng Guo-ying was also killed in 2007 during the judicial and police investigation, a total of six relatives have been killed in the form of manslaughter to be as an insult…”
— from “Background about pleading impeachment of Judicial Yuan violating citizen Constitutional rights”; A Legal complaints to New Taipei District Court submitting to Supreme Court.

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