The grade school textbooks and the human rights cases

The Chinese word for "National language&q...

The Chinese word for “National language” (國語; Guóyǔ) written in Traditional and Simplified Chinese characters, followed by Hanyu Pinyin, Gwoyeu Romatzyh, Tongyong Pinyin and Wade-Giles romanizations. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“The Power of the Bilingual Brain” of the July 22, 2013 Time magazine. The grade 1 through 4 Language textbook with simplified Chinese taught by pingyin, is currently used in the elementary school of the Utah state, according to the Time article. The Taiwan human rights case, Mr David CK Chang, mentioned by name on the Language textbook which was published in 2004 should be like one of the kind. The grade 6-15 who would be bilingual to study this Mandarin language textbook may be happened in several years later to use another advance textbook of World geography and history of Sociology category, in monolingual English to discover the human rights cases without specific names mentioned in the textbook, which contents should be as “There are many human rights cases happened in areas such as Taiwan, Iran…” Among which the Iran human rights case target was informed to be killed in 2004 July, just at the timing of the grade 1-4 Language textbook was under bipartisan review at Taipei county.

Time magazine, “The Power of the Bilingual Brain”, By Jeffrey Kluger / Salt Lake City Monday, July 29, 2013, Link:

The Power of the Bilingual Brain,9171,2147707,00.html

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