Now 40, Monica Lewinsky Guards Her Privacy

Celebrity Sightings In London - March 19, 2013When the Power Game of Hebrick Smith emerging from the pantry alike small room in the house suite, Monica Lewinsky said that there’s only one person who could answer that and that she don’t think we’d ever get the truth on that, after Mar. 15, 1999 Time asked Monica Lewinsky a question about what she was thinking before 1997. Up to this moment at Taipei, I got a novel, Deception Point from Dan Brown in 2001, and a dropout from city public school at NYC in 1996 to know by reference that some Taipei legislator waiting his human rights custodian at the west wing of the house to explain a mistaken contract himself but missed her. Was he averting an outgoing document tray on the desk in the office with the signed paper not to be withdrawn, or was he averting that several photographs of young naked university graduated girl involved with the newly minted lieutenant senator connected with some budget cutting of the NASA rocket project which was mentioned in a novel?


The White House intern whose affair with President Bill Clinton nearly got him kicked out of office has made a point of of declining interviews as she builds a new life. Here’s a look back at what she has done since the scandal died down after Clinton was acquitted of impeachment charges in February 1999.

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March 1999: The penitent

A record-breaking 70 million viewers watched Barbara Walters interview Monica Lewinsky on ABC’s 20/20.  “Where was your self-respect?” asked Walters in her trademark caring-cutting style.  “Where was your self-esteem?”  The 25-year-old famously apologized to the Clintons and the nation.

March 1999: The memoirist


Lewinsky’s authorized biography, “Monica’s Story,” traces her White House antics back to emotional scars from adolescence, including a struggle with an eating disorder and a tumultuous series of love affairs. New York Times book critic Michiko Kakutani wrote that the…

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