7 Things Edward Snowden Should Do in Russia

Kalmykia temple Russia(Comment by David, Aug 4) I read it from Taiwan’s newspaper, not from the medium carried message, that Vladimir Putin has a house located not very far from Taipei CKS International Airport. Maybe Edward Snowden could visit the small town near Taipei where Vladimir Putin’s house located with his asylum petition, or maybe he could just have some sight-seeing around.


A year is barely enough time to study a country as strange and enormous as Russia. So Edward Snowden, the American whistle-blower who was granted a year of asylum in Russia on July 31, will have to make good use of it if, as his lawyer claims, he wants to “study Russian culture” and travel its nine time zones. So far, there is no clear information on where he would be living or how far he’d actually be allowed to travel. But in case he’s able to take in some sights, TIME compiled a list of seven things he should definitely put on his calendar.

Visit the Duma: Considering the fan club Snowden has developed inside Russia’s parliament – one lawmaker has pledged to nominate him for the Nobel Peace Prize – it would be rude not to swing by for a visit. In the gift shop on the…

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