Déjà vu phenomenon

deja-vu-5That day before I registered Wikipedia, in the morning inside an Internet cafeteria, I had noticed the Déjà vu of psychological phenomenon repeated to appear and something was tried to manipulate the memory. In several hours on the same spot, in order to maneuver to get the registering process more smoothly like the mirage taking off, tumultuous turbine noise with backdrop setting off the far side connection intrigue, clearly conveyed the ingenuity of the plot.

The next day I was with full confidence to confide the related details of the law provision by the concise Psychology terminology by the French word the “Déjà vu phenomenon” to back off the negotiating process in only several sentences. I did not escalate the bargaining process as the day before that I adopted to maneuver with the mirage turbine noise of tumultuous sound, or behavior such as wriggling of a huge body on the lobby ground for some wave offering. This wave offering was the man Mr Robert advised me more or less to do some after my grandmother had died in August 1996, that if I could do it in advance maybe my grandmother would not die. Besides the suggestion, there was another one to advise me to express adequate emotional outlet in order to show the anger toward my grandmother’s death and in order not to be mistaken as a cruel man without any feelings. That the suggestions in 1996 which I adopted was really good therefore I let it planted deep in my heart.

That Déjà vu phenomenon was a kind of useful trick, when I learned it in 1996 it was called the reward system problem from the website of a man called Brian. Brian had a brother shot his own head with a gun and this prompted Brian to set up the website. The website of Mr Brian introduced the phenomenon by describing that certain chemical concentration in the brain would lead to the reward system malfunction, that is, making decision without meritorious orientation. Recently this phenomenon was discussed in the Psychology Today magazine with a terminology coined to be Déjà vu, defined to be a kind of short circuit or crosstalk in memory as the Déjà vu phenomenon.

And Mr Robert’s birthday was in August. I didn’t tell him correctly what was my birthday in my sophomore age in 1990, but later I regret to told Mr Robert that my zodiac sign was of Aquarius. Mr Robert had asked for my name and kept down on a paper.

D.B. August 11, 2013, National Central Library

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