The Killer Whale

Orcas during performance (Orca is Athena)

Orcas during performance (Orca is Athena) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From the mountain looking at the river mouth the direction was facing the Taipei harbor. There was a temple providing lodge for the tourists. How could a yellow submarine be passing by the water without stirring and splashing the pool around? No way. Was the killer whale calling back by the nature? I am not sure. The fresh water supply of the delta was used to attract incoming fleets. And the killer whale? It was a recent movie to portray this fish alike creature or just mammal instead of portraying a shark, in the movie The Jaw. There was a little pond that we used to discard household garbage there, and it was turned to a pond from a pit, leading to complex underground tunnels. You know, just like what were happened to the pit so as it was happened to the pond, I heard someone saying just like this.

And there was the World of Warcraft game, Julia, the player character of mine, with her scimitar or sword swimming in the river, and to the exotic foreign land circling around to seek a fierce shark to complete her quest in the game. That was a shark, not a dolphin in the laboratory mission. And we see that the killer whale was performing that in an amusement show.

DB, August 12, 2013

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