Switzerland’s Xenophobia: It’s Not Just About Oprah

SWITZERLAND-IMMIGRATION-ASYLUM(Comment by David, Aug 13)“The Slings and Arrows of outrageous Fortune, Or to take Arms against a Sea of troubles…” We could see Luzern comparing to Bremgarten in Switzerland, more than fifty kilometers away, almost the same picturesque village but with a sculpture of lion shot dead by arrows by the lake. We could say that xenophobia would be probably the asylum seekers capable of performing color-discerning to the foreigners but not racist or hostile, for a reader in the far east. No matters whether a dune or rosemary hiding the elevator in Zurich or Geneva with a knife or gun, an airplane would come to rescue of a prince with white horse. Would that be a friendly act for peace keeping? But finally it turned out to be no matters, thank god.


The official website of Bremgarten, a picturesque Swiss town of 6,430 residents located about 20 km (12 miles) from Zurich, bids visitors “a hearty welcome” and boasts of the “wide range of sports and leisure facilities” available in the community. But for two dozen new arrivals — and 130 more expected in the future — the town’s hospitality and its recreational options remain untested.

That’s because local authorities have announced last week that asylum seekers housed by the federal government in Bremgarten’s army barracks won’t be allowed to move around town freely or use the local swimming pool and other sports facilities. “For security reasons, we decided not to allow access to these areas,” the town’s mayor, Raymond Tellenbach, explained in a TV interview. He did not specify what sanctions, if any, would be imposed on those breaking the rule.

And Mario Gattiker, head of the Federal Office for Migration…

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