Study: Starbucks Less Snooty Than Local Boston Coffee Shops

Starbucks Stores Ahead Of Earnings Figures(Comment by David Chang, Aug 29)“Snooty could be kind of marketing strategy to allure more potential customers which are creative dissatisfied to be their patrons. Besides, I think the difference between those coffee beans the coffee shops adopted and the difference between the product price of the coffee may affect the outcome of the study.”


Think your local independent coffee shop will treat you better than the corporate coffee overlords at Starbucks? Think again.

According to a study of Boston coffee shops conducted by anthropologists at the West Virginia University, Starbucks offered a better social environment than competing independent coffee shops in the area and came out on top in other categories as well.

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The researchers, hoping to compare the sociability of chain and non-chain coffee establishments, conducted their investigation by visiting three different Starbucks locations and three independent coffee houses and documenting each store’s performance in five different categories: patrons’ and employees’ levels of sociability, seating characteristics, whether customers were there for work or relaxation,  amenities, and atmosphere.

The anthropologists found that Starbucks baristas were significantly more social and friendly to customers than their indie counterparts. According to the study:

An unexpected trend emerged: baristas and staff at…

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