Rapprochement Breach and Civility

The Dual AllianceRapprochement Breach and Civility

“The social status of children is according to their parents, as a vision shown and suggested in November 1990 at YWCA Taipei City, that children are divided by two parents groups.”

But grown-up children are not children anymore. That he as an adult shall be with civility, such as civility to underlings, women and children, should not delay in developing.

For upward movement in society of his own self-fulfillment needs, with social status inherited from his own parents group, good command of language from prestige education, he should neglect the difference between two parents groups to pursue goals in his future. But he is only denied by disclaimed opportunities and the claim to his own rights to return to where he should stand on the breach of rapprochement between that two parents groups to carry on with his civility developing.

1. rapprochement breach
2. civility
3. ally, alliance <——> protocol abolished, alien
4. status quo
5. upward movement in society

by Dawn Break, September 22, 2013

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