Reporting Google Chrome Feedback

Logo used from the start of the Chrome project...

Logo used from the start of the Chrome project until March 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear Google Chrome Customer Service:

Using Google Chrome to log in online software, with problem to log in, seemed to be denied access or denied log in. The log in problem have been reported to the with a request for help letter. For this issue I would report to the Google Chrome feedback in order to make sure this problem would be solved upon Google Chrome browser.

Another issue which may be concerned *(with Google) was that previously in this May probably *(Google official) kindly *notified me, a local Google Drive document and Google Blogspot user, *(of a matter) that the local Taiwan high court judge was disguised by a lower court prosecutor *identity to participate in an operation *(to) delete a high court judgement letter which was typed in by *(the Google document user) myself. This piece of information earlier I had reported *(via) Google Chrome feedback channel *(to Google, and) the latest update *(information) related to *(this) situation *(was) that a related district court judge being detained for identity theft upon a high court judge *(sentenced) that high court false verdict *(to reject a libel appeal together) with *(two other) high court judges, but the detained judge or prosecutor was with a rich family background therefore that false high court verdict was left unchecked.

I am very sorry that the local Google acting administration *(probably with office in the establishment of the Legislative Yuan National Defense Committee or in the National Security Bureau of a call center was acting) for Microsoft hotmail SkyDrive account, PChome blog account, Google blogspot, Google drive account etc, to decide *(an illegal infringement without noticing the user to delete online website articles though with magisterial document presented) for the *(Google acting agent granting the) deleting was to blame. And for a recently notified law court precedent showed that a high court *misplaced verdict generally *was using to lure the defendant of libel suspect with a convicted death sentence to make an appeal to the higher court for the misplaced libel lawsuit, which was just the case happened to myself as a blog writer *(with identity theft wrongly placed my name in several death sentences in this March), *(only would be rejected and) to pass an execution of death sentence *(right away) (which had been decided for the contempt of court). *(Before the libel case appeal rejection this May, in this March the district court was heard several identity theft cases happened to bring about several death sentences upon this Taiwan human rights account and a libel defendant myself, therefore surely left with several death sentences without execution). The information which had been notified *(was) for two identity theft *(cases) (caused) law court death sentences in this March *(upon this Taiwan human rights account) (right) before the Google administration granted the law enforcement illegal operation to delete that *(high court appeal rejection) document from Google website and Microsoft accounts, etc. That would be an abuse of government power upon a human rights account in the pretext of law court gross negligence *(to increase the risk of law court falsified death sentence execution with identity theft issue left unchecked).

For your information,
Mr David Chang, SSN057-86-4042, F121485303,
September 25, 2013,*(Revised Sept. 26, 2013)
National Central Library,
Taipei City

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