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Title *Kindly be aware Pinterest user interests infringed and embezzled to perverting the course of justice for several times

Dear Pinterest administrator:

Firstly, I am seeking for the reason why so frequently account denied entry. Today, again I could not register to my, also failed with the Twitter and Facebook entry method.

Second, kindly be aware of this Pinterest user account being illegally used to embezzle the victim user’s own green card and perverting the course of justice for several times. Last time, not long ago, on this August 26 the suspect with his parent were notified to be making a false testimony to the Federal Law Court at New York District which in video conference connecting to the New Taipei district court or Taipei district court with the suspect’s parent, seeking the account of the victim user in this National Central Library with public computer taking the user’s WordPress blog account combined with your user account for a false testimony on the identity theft case of green card and the suspect was probably with witness dying cases and murder cases committed to have the motive to embezzle this user account to make that false testimony.

For the reason that I did not pay any money to this Pinterest user account but as the victim user, only hereby notify the Pinterest company or local administrator at Taiwan with you, that you could be involved with the infringement to the user and perverting the court of justice in the USA federal law court and Taiwan local district courts.

Best regards,

David CK Chang, SSN057-86-4042, 121485303,
Oct 18, 2013,
National Central Library,
Taipei City

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