Rapprochement Breach and Civility

The Dual AllianceRapprochement Breach and Civility

“The social status of children is according to their parents, as a vision shown and suggested in November 1990 at YWCA Taipei City, that children are divided by two parents groups.”

But grown-up children are not children anymore. That he as an adult shall be with civility, such as civility to underlings, women and children, should not delay in developing.

For upward movement in society of his own self-fulfillment needs, with social status inherited from his own parents group, good command of language from prestige education, he should neglect the difference between two parents groups to pursue goals in his future. But he is only denied by disclaimed opportunities and the claim to his own rights to return to where he should stand on the breach of rapprochement between that two parents groups to carry on with his civility developing.

1. rapprochement breach
2. civility
3. ally, alliance <——> protocol abolished, alien
4. status quo
5. upward movement in society

by Dawn Break, September 22, 2013


The Ironic Drive-in

English: Hollywood Drive In on Route 66 in Ave...

English: Hollywood Drive In on Route 66 in Averill Park, New York, United States. Credits roll for the movie Aliens in the Attic. The screen is blurred due to the exposure time of the photograph, which is was 10 seconds to expose the camera to enough light. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Almost a decade ago when I still kept the 1600cc Toyota problem car which was that kind of car mostly you would see on the street painted to be yellow as taxicabs, I drove that Toyota Altis 1.6 Break Into Style model new car to the Tamkang University for graduate classes. One day in Taipei City near Tamsui I drove in the McDonald’s Drive-through Service to buy a hamburger for lunch. That McDonald’s was located at Beitou, Taipei City with a language Institute beside that fast food restaurant. That McDonald’s restaurant had several parking spaces beside the drive-through track, and I parked that Toyota Altis 1.6 onto the parking space to be using the drive-in service at the McDonald’s and had my lunch, then. That Toyota Altis 1.6 actually was the Breeze Center 2001 spring acquired sample Prius 1.5 and was altered to be Altis 1.6 2002 winter new car on the Toyota assembly line, although the engine number was marked and adding serial number to be matched with the car selling date, it probably could be easily sniffed out and spotted, for example, by some advanced RFID technology or something like that. Therefore I had heard a lot of discussion about this problem Toyota car, although I did not believe them at all and considered them as rumors. What I really try to say here is that, that day when I went to the McDonald’s I was using the drive-in service to park my problem Toyota sedan to have my lunch. I did have that McDonald’s lunch, a perfect and comfortable meal. They said that you’d better use the drive-through service, instead of drive-in, but I did not listen, you know. It was explained there that if you were drive-in, quarrels would happen more easily than if you were drive-through. Isn’t that ironic?

Later in summer of the same year, I discovered that there would be some professional killer having been trying to approach me for some killing and it was successfully defeated by a congressman from Chicago on that day. That was my hero, and he told me that I was an American. I had a Child Abuse Case account registered in the United Nations since 1979 and I was called for some testimony or to be as a referee in 1996 in the New York City before I was forced back by the pressure caused by my grandmother’s death and dropout from Baruch graduate program after I had applied in person for the green card with my Social Security Number account registered by the City University Baruch graduate school for the human rights concern out of my grandmother’s death during the United Nations and US Congress called for a testimony. I heard that besides me, there were a lot of human rights cases like my child abuse case account registered in the United Nations. For example, there was an Iran nationality human rights case registered in the United Nations account, probably the same Child Abuse Case as mine. The depiction was delivered as that the Iranian had beard to be appeared more muscular, with more prominent silhouette to be appeared more handsome. I almost jealous him when that day heard such depiction, you know. But the matter is that earlier on that day the Iranian of the United Nations human rights account was in a drive-in theater to have some quarrels with some familiar figure which seemed to do with my green card identity theft issue and then got shot dead on the drive-in theater. “It was a United Nations human rights account as well but why don’t you defend him?”, decrying by some human rights advocate. Later it was probably reported to the police using my English or even Chinese name by identity theft suspect, actually at the same day I appeared in the Toyota Music Box suffered an attempted killing in the Far East island, definitely an alibi you know. The Toyota advertisement program in the television was with the US singer Britney Spear, that could be an artificial intelligent to host some program events.

These years before the Taipei county to be upgraded to the New Taipei City, some lobbyist came from the USA was ever advocating for their drive-in theater business. They planned to introduce the drive-in theater with movies and picnic spree peddlers held in the spaces such as the desolate farmland near my house just like when I was a teenager some outdoor movie projected in front of my house beside the street. They said that there were lots of drive-in theaters which could be found near the main cities in the USA and it would be a major suburban holiday outdoors amusement which the urban citizen could be engaged with their cars in vacation surrounding the cities, and one thing worth it was that it would be an event so significant that it was a parallel to the American life. Interesting enough? The Ironic Drive-in.

DB, August 24, 2013



Heineken (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn_BE_BACK_IN_SEPTEMBER)

Raindrops were falling in the sweltering weather, gurgling in the Rockies Range through the valley divided into two streams. It seemed lucky not getting the C- ampoules hypodermic syringe injection, or having nothing to blame for a lost child from in vitro fertilization. There could be of no difference to submerge into the Rhone or the Mississippi River for every pore through volumes of documents.

Then we got to name the wines. I knew there would be Johnnie Walker for whisky, Remy Martin for brandy and Heineken for beer. Heineken? Not Budweiser? Eric once quarreled with Nicole in Michael Crichton’s novel, Prey, “Shut up, butt breath.” “Shut up yourself, weasel puke.” Butt breath? Butt wiser? That’s Budweiser. Several years ago I got a free treat from local pub for two Budweiser beers. Then came the dialogue blame for the 2002 product promoting event of Heineken near Lucerne in Switzerland. “You let him pay with the Citigold for the free beer? Oh, what the loss it could bring to us from that promoting festival only charging him for a reason to identify him?”

What I could relate of any words to it should be, pity, although it seemed to be not suitable or even not proper in certain contingencies. But the boulder and the Colorado River with a psychology magazine would keep that feeling at bay, at least I was thinking so.

DB. August 20, 2013

In vitro meat

Lab-Grown Burger

Lab-Grown Burger (Photo credit: Mike Licht, NotionsCapital.com)

Lolita in Vladimir Nabokov’s novel embodied love imperfections. Emma in Jane Austen’s novel described the misconstrued romance with her young friend Harriet Smith. Maybe these two types of girls could not attract their lovers to fall in love with them out of the inferior physical conditions. The bad physical condition would affect not only the mating performance, it would influence every aspect of the life of an object of chronic investigation. Shakespeare said,

“To be, or not to be, that is the question:
Whether ’tis Nobler in the mind to suffer
The Slings and Arrows of outrageous Fortune,
Or to take Arms against a Sea of troubles…”

To improve this bad physical condition, we could see the theoretical possibility of growing meat had dominated the public imagination for quite a long time, and then we saw that in vitro meat started out as a opinion discussion then turned to a fighting near the far away island to catch at least for a glimpse of the public attention. We could say that in vitro meat was like to grow meat in the test-tube, and probably it would be done for the economic reasons. Because the in vitro meat was the meat of in vitro cultivation stem cells from animals, we could add this meat to the most processed food such as hamburger patty that could benefit our bodies. It would not be the question whether it was of horse meat or true beef for a vegan to answer. It would be just a meat from the test-tube for the observers to feel pity.

DB, August 13, 2013

The Killer Whale

Orcas during performance (Orca is Athena)

Orcas during performance (Orca is Athena) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From the mountain looking at the river mouth the direction was facing the Taipei harbor. There was a temple providing lodge for the tourists. How could a yellow submarine be passing by the water without stirring and splashing the pool around? No way. Was the killer whale calling back by the nature? I am not sure. The fresh water supply of the delta was used to attract incoming fleets. And the killer whale? It was a recent movie to portray this fish alike creature or just mammal instead of portraying a shark, in the movie The Jaw. There was a little pond that we used to discard household garbage there, and it was turned to a pond from a pit, leading to complex underground tunnels. You know, just like what were happened to the pit so as it was happened to the pond, I heard someone saying just like this.

And there was the World of Warcraft game, Julia, the player character of mine, with her scimitar or sword swimming in the river, and to the exotic foreign land circling around to seek a fierce shark to complete her quest in the game. That was a shark, not a dolphin in the laboratory mission. And we see that the killer whale was performing that in an amusement show.

DB, August 12, 2013

Déjà vu phenomenon

deja-vu-5That day before I registered Wikipedia, in the morning inside an Internet cafeteria, I had noticed the Déjà vu of psychological phenomenon repeated to appear and something was tried to manipulate the memory. In several hours on the same spot, in order to maneuver to get the registering process more smoothly like the mirage taking off, tumultuous turbine noise with backdrop setting off the far side connection intrigue, clearly conveyed the ingenuity of the plot.

The next day I was with full confidence to confide the related details of the law provision by the concise Psychology terminology by the French word the “Déjà vu phenomenon” to back off the negotiating process in only several sentences. I did not escalate the bargaining process as the day before that I adopted to maneuver with the mirage turbine noise of tumultuous sound, or behavior such as wriggling of a huge body on the lobby ground for some wave offering. This wave offering was the man Mr Robert advised me more or less to do some after my grandmother had died in August 1996, that if I could do it in advance maybe my grandmother would not die. Besides the suggestion, there was another one to advise me to express adequate emotional outlet in order to show the anger toward my grandmother’s death and in order not to be mistaken as a cruel man without any feelings. That the suggestions in 1996 which I adopted was really good therefore I let it planted deep in my heart.

That Déjà vu phenomenon was a kind of useful trick, when I learned it in 1996 it was called the reward system problem from the website of a man called Brian. Brian had a brother shot his own head with a gun and this prompted Brian to set up the website. The website of Mr Brian introduced the phenomenon by describing that certain chemical concentration in the brain would lead to the reward system malfunction, that is, making decision without meritorious orientation. Recently this phenomenon was discussed in the Psychology Today magazine with a terminology coined to be Déjà vu, defined to be a kind of short circuit or crosstalk in memory as the Déjà vu phenomenon.

And Mr Robert’s birthday was in August. I didn’t tell him correctly what was my birthday in my sophomore age in 1990, but later I regret to told Mr Robert that my zodiac sign was of Aquarius. Mr Robert had asked for my name and kept down on a paper.

D.B. August 11, 2013, National Central Library

Close your game, cause I feel better…

English: Citibank

English: Citibank (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Have your taxi waiting, (almost) close my door. Close your game, cause I feel better…” That was when the bonus track chanted English singer Dido. Not diddle or dildo. Dido from the CD cover she looked a little like the actress Meg Ryan in the movie You’ve Got Mail with her song Thank You in the MTV. But this album was Life For Rent, and the yellow cab waiting outside the local Citibank branch before it was shutting down. I had a paycheck deposited into my Citibank account which was still active on that day, July 29, 2004, that I carried it back from the Taipei City Zoo McDonald’s with two malicious Toyota dealer members negotiated earlier in the morning until afternoon. One could be dealership owner and the other a rich family offspring saleswoman, they had been involved with the fraud before the deal on November 2, 2002 and failed to notify me that Toyota would buy back Toyota car with window heat insulation defect in Toyota advertisement before the car was brought back. That Toyota car had many problems, though I had bought it from the Toyota company with government goods tax official receipt, and had been regularly driving the car to the local Toyota automobile maintenance plant to care the new car, as my university classmate Mr. Yang suggested in August 1996 when he was driving his Volkswagen with us on the interstate of R.I. as a freshman of the Brown University.

And the New York Times said that the son of their chief executive officer Mr. W , addressed as a lawyer of the Citibank headquarter, got shot dead in the New York Citibank office, in the online edition and later in the printed edition. I heard that later in their Citibank New York office Mr. W’s son was still there, but seemed to hold an MBA degree. My university classmate Mr Liu with the local Citibank’s legal affairs apartment secretary Ms. Sue engaged was there when the Chief Executive Officer’s son got shot dead on scene, just after they were arguing for something. That son of Mr. W had a law degree, though. My classmate Mr Liu at the time had a New York Times subscription in that agency alike shared Citibank office, and with Ms. Sue from local Citibank he got a bargain with some officer for the US immigrant affairs to cover their misdeed of cheating on my social security number and 1996 applied green card. That sounded like a perfect deal, though Ms. Sue of Citibank secretary got a detention earlier this year for unknown reasons. They seemed to be waiting for the local law court’s decision to put me into the psycho-asylum by currently entangled libel law suit, by no means of any ethical concerns.

D.B., August 9, 2013