Reporting Google Chrome Feedback

Logo used from the start of the Chrome project...

Logo used from the start of the Chrome project until March 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear Google Chrome Customer Service:

Using Google Chrome to log in online software, with problem to log in, seemed to be denied access or denied log in. The log in problem have been reported to the with a request for help letter. For this issue I would report to the Google Chrome feedback in order to make sure this problem would be solved upon Google Chrome browser.

Another issue which may be concerned *(with Google) was that previously in this May probably *(Google official) kindly *notified me, a local Google Drive document and Google Blogspot user, *(of a matter) that the local Taiwan high court judge was disguised by a lower court prosecutor *identity to participate in an operation *(to) delete a high court judgement letter which was typed in by *(the Google document user) myself. This piece of information earlier I had reported *(via) Google Chrome feedback channel *(to Google, and) the latest update *(information) related to *(this) situation *(was) that a related district court judge being detained for identity theft upon a high court judge *(sentenced) that high court false verdict *(to reject a libel appeal together) with *(two other) high court judges, but the detained judge or prosecutor was with a rich family background therefore that false high court verdict was left unchecked.

I am very sorry that the local Google acting administration *(probably with office in the establishment of the Legislative Yuan National Defense Committee or in the National Security Bureau of a call center was acting) for Microsoft hotmail SkyDrive account, PChome blog account, Google blogspot, Google drive account etc, to decide *(an illegal infringement without noticing the user to delete online website articles though with magisterial document presented) for the *(Google acting agent granting the) deleting was to blame. And for a recently notified law court precedent showed that a high court *misplaced verdict generally *was using to lure the defendant of libel suspect with a convicted death sentence to make an appeal to the higher court for the misplaced libel lawsuit, which was just the case happened to myself as a blog writer *(with identity theft wrongly placed my name in several death sentences in this March), *(only would be rejected and) to pass an execution of death sentence *(right away) (which had been decided for the contempt of court). *(Before the libel case appeal rejection this May, in this March the district court was heard several identity theft cases happened to bring about several death sentences upon this Taiwan human rights account and a libel defendant myself, therefore surely left with several death sentences without execution). The information which had been notified *(was) for two identity theft *(cases) (caused) law court death sentences in this March *(upon this Taiwan human rights account) (right) before the Google administration granted the law enforcement illegal operation to delete that *(high court appeal rejection) document from Google website and Microsoft accounts, etc. That would be an abuse of government power upon a human rights account in the pretext of law court gross negligence *(to increase the risk of law court falsified death sentence execution with identity theft issue left unchecked).

For your information,
Mr David Chang, SSN057-86-4042, F121485303,
September 25, 2013,*(Revised Sept. 26, 2013)
National Central Library,
Taipei City


Study: Starbucks Less Snooty Than Local Boston Coffee Shops

Starbucks Stores Ahead Of Earnings Figures(Comment by David Chang, Aug 29)“Snooty could be kind of marketing strategy to allure more potential customers which are creative dissatisfied to be their patrons. Besides, I think the difference between those coffee beans the coffee shops adopted and the difference between the product price of the coffee may affect the outcome of the study.”


Think your local independent coffee shop will treat you better than the corporate coffee overlords at Starbucks? Think again.

According to a study of Boston coffee shops conducted by anthropologists at the West Virginia University, Starbucks offered a better social environment than competing independent coffee shops in the area and came out on top in other categories as well.

(MORE: Starbucks: A Model of Success)

The researchers, hoping to compare the sociability of chain and non-chain coffee establishments, conducted their investigation by visiting three different Starbucks locations and three independent coffee houses and documenting each store’s performance in five different categories: patrons’ and employees’ levels of sociability, seating characteristics, whether customers were there for work or relaxation,  amenities, and atmosphere.

The anthropologists found that Starbucks baristas were significantly more social and friendly to customers than their indie counterparts. According to the study:

An unexpected trend emerged: baristas and staff at…

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Soda and the Scientific Pile-On Effect

Soda Revenue Drops In U.S.(Comment by David Chang, Aug 29)“The bubbling soda drinks may have pacifier effect upon young children. That is, soda drinks may act to soothe or even tranquilize their young children. The caffeine or obesity problem of the soda drinks simply do not worth it to worry about. The real problem worth us to worry about would be which soda shall we choose and how shall we choose from them, for example, choose from between the Pepsi Coke and the Coca Cola? Just discerning or discriminating the color from their packages and decide which soda you choose?”


Drinking soda is known to contribute to obesity, leading to efforts to remove soda from schools and to Mayor Bloomberg’s recently overturned ban on large-sized sodas in New York City. Last week, new research by Shakira Suglia, Sarah Solnik and David Hemenway in the Journal of Pediatrics correlated soda with aggression and attention problems in young children. Solnik and Hemenway had already published research last year showing a correlation between soda and aggression in teens.

So, is soda leading to the decline of civilization as we know it? Well maybe, but maybe not.

The Journal of Pediatrics study is actually well done. They use a clinically validated measure of aggression (surprisingly rare in aggression studies) and control for numerous other variables. The effects are small, but not insignificant. However, all data were collected from a single source (the mothers of the children in the study), which can sometimes cause spurious…

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Switzerland’s Xenophobia: It’s Not Just About Oprah

SWITZERLAND-IMMIGRATION-ASYLUM(Comment by David, Aug 13)“The Slings and Arrows of outrageous Fortune, Or to take Arms against a Sea of troubles…” We could see Luzern comparing to Bremgarten in Switzerland, more than fifty kilometers away, almost the same picturesque village but with a sculpture of lion shot dead by arrows by the lake. We could say that xenophobia would be probably the asylum seekers capable of performing color-discerning to the foreigners but not racist or hostile, for a reader in the far east. No matters whether a dune or rosemary hiding the elevator in Zurich or Geneva with a knife or gun, an airplane would come to rescue of a prince with white horse. Would that be a friendly act for peace keeping? But finally it turned out to be no matters, thank god.


The official website of Bremgarten, a picturesque Swiss town of 6,430 residents located about 20 km (12 miles) from Zurich, bids visitors “a hearty welcome” and boasts of the “wide range of sports and leisure facilities” available in the community. But for two dozen new arrivals — and 130 more expected in the future — the town’s hospitality and its recreational options remain untested.

That’s because local authorities have announced last week that asylum seekers housed by the federal government in Bremgarten’s army barracks won’t be allowed to move around town freely or use the local swimming pool and other sports facilities. “For security reasons, we decided not to allow access to these areas,” the town’s mayor, Raymond Tellenbach, explained in a TV interview. He did not specify what sanctions, if any, would be imposed on those breaking the rule.

And Mario Gattiker, head of the Federal Office for Migration…

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7 Things Edward Snowden Should Do in Russia

Kalmykia temple Russia(Comment by David, Aug 4) I read it from Taiwan’s newspaper, not from the medium carried message, that Vladimir Putin has a house located not very far from Taipei CKS International Airport. Maybe Edward Snowden could visit the small town near Taipei where Vladimir Putin’s house located with his asylum petition, or maybe he could just have some sight-seeing around.


A year is barely enough time to study a country as strange and enormous as Russia. So Edward Snowden, the American whistle-blower who was granted a year of asylum in Russia on July 31, will have to make good use of it if, as his lawyer claims, he wants to “study Russian culture” and travel its nine time zones. So far, there is no clear information on where he would be living or how far he’d actually be allowed to travel. But in case he’s able to take in some sights, TIME compiled a list of seven things he should definitely put on his calendar.

Visit the Duma: Considering the fan club Snowden has developed inside Russia’s parliament – one lawmaker has pledged to nominate him for the Nobel Peace Prize – it would be rude not to swing by for a visit. In the gift shop on the…

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Now 40, Monica Lewinsky Guards Her Privacy

Celebrity Sightings In London - March 19, 2013When the Power Game of Hebrick Smith emerging from the pantry alike small room in the house suite, Monica Lewinsky said that there’s only one person who could answer that and that she don’t think we’d ever get the truth on that, after Mar. 15, 1999 Time asked Monica Lewinsky a question about what she was thinking before 1997. Up to this moment at Taipei, I got a novel, Deception Point from Dan Brown in 2001, and a dropout from city public school at NYC in 1996 to know by reference that some Taipei legislator waiting his human rights custodian at the west wing of the house to explain a mistaken contract himself but missed her. Was he averting an outgoing document tray on the desk in the office with the signed paper not to be withdrawn, or was he averting that several photographs of young naked university graduated girl involved with the newly minted lieutenant senator connected with some budget cutting of the NASA rocket project which was mentioned in a novel?


The White House intern whose affair with President Bill Clinton nearly got him kicked out of office has made a point of of declining interviews as she builds a new life. Here’s a look back at what she has done since the scandal died down after Clinton was acquitted of impeachment charges in February 1999.

(LISTTop 10 Mistresses)

March 1999: The penitent

A record-breaking 70 million viewers watched Barbara Walters interview Monica Lewinsky on ABC’s 20/20.  “Where was your self-respect?” asked Walters in her trademark caring-cutting style.  “Where was your self-esteem?”  The 25-year-old famously apologized to the Clintons and the nation.

March 1999: The memoirist


Lewinsky’s authorized biography, “Monica’s Story,” traces her White House antics back to emotional scars from adolescence, including a struggle with an eating disorder and a tumultuous series of love affairs. New York Times book critic Michiko Kakutani wrote that the…

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Acetaminophen Linked to Fatal Skin Reactions

healthland TimeFrom the paragraph it could be inferred that people using the drug should not stop the medication unless some fatal skin diseases were developed, which condition was discovered in the FDA database that in the 107 reported cases, 67 people were hospitalized and 12 people died.

Health & Family

Acetaminophen is one of the most widely used medicines for fever and pain, commonly found in drugs like in Tylenol. On Thursday, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that acetaminophen is causing rare, but dangerous skin reactions in some people.

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