FBI agent followed Breeze Liao shot dead case appeared last night(Nov. 1) outside library

FBI SWAT agent

FBI SWAT agent (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

FBI agent followed Breeze Liao shot dead case appeared last night(Nov. 1) outside library

The October 25 yellow warning sign paragraph in Chinese language denoted the World of Warcraft video game account identity theft conflict death case happened last September in the USA which mentioned an investigator agent from FBI or other agency following me to the National Central Library on March 17, 2008 the day Breeze Center Liao was shot dead to be involved, appeared last night around 8 pm. outside the library. Although the agent was not dead last September to match the feed-in information last September, during the libel criminal trial of August 29, 2012 New Taipei District Court of a preparation court period probably with communication blocked, there was also feeding in of information that the dead cases happened in the USA including the investigating agent’s father, died also for the WOW video game identity theft account quarrel just outside the US federal law court areas.

David CK Chang, SSN057-86-4042, F121485303,
November 2, 2013(re-post on Nov. 9, 2013),
National Central Library,
Taipei City


An alibi on 2004 July 15 from Caesar Park Hotel Kenting per Citibank request for customer

Kenting Cesar Park Hotel


An alibi on 2004 July 15 from Caesar Park Hotel Kenting per Citibank request for customer

The night on 2004 July 13, I was driving my Toyota 1.6 Altis(which was purchased from Toyota Tao-Miao Company Ltd., seemed to be Breeze Center 2001 Spring Toyota sample car, of Japan model Prius 1.5, and I had sued a fraud case against Toyota company last July in 2012), and before 9:00 P.M. checked in the California Hotel, which was located at the Youth Road, Kaohsiung City.

The next day on 2004 July 14, I was driving my purchased Toyota Altis 1.6 from the California Hotel at Youth Road, Kaohsiung City, down the way to the most southern part of Taiwan at Kenting and checked in the Caesar Park Hotel, Kenting. There were rumors that a stolen car police report to do with my car, murder cases, military exercises in Kaohsiung City, and I had met a killer with Toyota driver seat window remote opening to the killer the night before, that area seemed to be under police surveillance. Because I was Citibank Citi-Gold credit card customer, the Citibank had requested the Caesar Park Hotel reception to make a residence testifying to the police for the Toyota owner who had checked in their Caesar Park Hotel, with their Citibank Citi-Gold credit card statement would be served as a legal proof for the CitiGold customer to avoid legal dispute in the future, before I left the Caesar Park Hotel Kenting in the afternoon on July 15.

In the early morning at 3:00 A.M. 2004 July 16 I was driving my Toyota Altis 1.6 back to Taipei from the road outside the Tzu Chi University at HuaLien. I was staying there for hours from 9:00 P.M. July 15 to 3:00 A.M. July 16. I read two newspapers of July 16 and July 15 in the afternoon on July 16, when I had driven back to Taipei, parked my car at the rent parking lot and had grabbed a sleep until P.M. 2:00. July 16, there was a newspaper report of July 15 news on the Liberty Times, which was two nights before, with a closeup, half of the front page picture of a Toyota Prius with windshield glass shattered with a bullet hole and with news report of driver killed by rifle. The China Times same Prius 1.5 rifle killing was reported two days later on 2004 July 18, which was felt a little weird. It was notified that the rifle killing event upon a Toyota Prius 1.5 driver was only blocks away from the California Hotel, Kaohsiung City, at the same night I had checked in that hotel. The Liberty Times front page news closeup picture of Prius 1.5, was notified to be of that same Toyota Prius 1.5 model as the Breeze Center 2001 received three sample model cars from the Toyota Japan company, which Taiwan authority imported for a testifying purpose upon the three Breeze Center Toyota sample cars which had tax legal quarrels previously. The shot dead victim of newspaper closeup picture in the Prius 1.5 car was said to drive the car to the spot, chasing for a coordinated pursuit mission after my Toyota Altis 1.6, which was alleged by police reports to be a stolen car owned by Mitac Mr Miao Hua-bin and modified from the 2001 Breeze Center Japan sample car, before the victim Prius 1.5 driver was shot dead, on purpose, surely. As I was informed, the shot dead murder event was happened on the same day 2004 July 14 just passed midnight, and I had checked in the California Hotel before 9:00 P.M. on July 13. The killer at 8:20 P.M. July 13 looked at me from outside the remote opened driver seat window, went to the Kaohsiung City police station to report a cut harm by the Toyota car owner on his hand, which the killer was holding a Rambo Knife invading “his family owned” California Hotel, as the killer claimed to the police. The Kaohsiung City Police Station dismissed the killer to say that it was definitely cut by himself by his own Rambo knife. The killer was said to leave the police station around the timing when the Toyota Prius driver shot dead case was happening.

David CK Chang,
SSN057-86-4042, F121485303
March 28, 2013,
National Central Library,
Taipei City

Toxic sea

Game Over (video game)

Game Over (video game) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Obstreperous tears are finally running, in a simile, into a toxic sea, where it would turn, turning and turning, turn out to be from a river which the rescue hero who had ever won the spelling bee champion in high school and later became a German architect who built the shuttle to surface and pick her up. The world is toxic.

“The original picture is a computer synthesized one as well. Besides, this suspect was near the murder criminal spot. We cannot say he has nothing to do with this murder case.”
“Our leader said that we had already lost one of our man, and the foreign investigating crew just want to take another for revenge.”
“I had been running out of my money, if my agent contract cannot be getting passed, my life will be in difficulty…”
“Let’s hand in that synthesized picture which is submitted from the local businessman(85-degree Cafe), they had filed complaints about their customer and let us lead the investigation.”

It was autumn in 2008 after the local No.79 McDonald’s outlet near my house closed in May of the same year, prompted me to go into that agent running 85-degree Cafe(or selling to agents in 2010) for six months regular consumption until that year end. Several times intangible encouragement in that cafe and pressure in my house to join the video game in spite of the speak-out declining by the very customer, myself. The pressure was including some death prisoner’s execution notice before coercing to go online.

But joyfulness the video game was also bringing. When on foot went into town, the Taipei City, buoying me up to denote the message on the air that, “O’Mark is coming to town,” in parallel to the video game scene of Stormwind City of a player role created myself, and this saved me from that boring pedestrian tour lasting three hours or so one way to the prestige National Taiwan University(NTU) campus to simply use the university library utility of network computer for some harassment reports writing. I was forced out “their library” in NTU by the police in the campus and from the municipal police station for some dozen times for the whole year in 2007. When they were aware of such conflict events occurred in their campus, the twenty-something university students in the NTU classroom near the library were greeting me while their instructor was still on the podium to say that video game giving you presents for the coming Christmas, which turn out to be some magic royal roses showed up in the game. The passages in Genesis, Exodus, etc. in the Bible was also adding to my post which was recording my game progressing during the same time.

That’s the joy in the world, which turns out to be toxic, for I was coerced to file a subversion lawsuit in the district court against a plaintiff sued a case without any necessary legal elements to consist, a libel crime. The libel crime sued target was my Yahoo blog, which included those very game progressing posts along with Harvard Business Review(HBR) magazine reading digests.

DB, December 5, 2012

Relationship may help victim survive a murder

The building where Kreditbanken was at Norrmal...

The building where Kreditbanken was at Norrmalmstorg, Stockholm, Sweden. In Kreditbanken the Norrmalmstorgsdrama took place and the Stockholm syndrome was “created”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Relationship may help victims survive a murder. We found that while some victims had been seriously harassed in a murder case, they still stood on the side of the murderer at the police station. In Psychology, this is called the Stockholm Syndrome. Even after the victims have been rescued by the police, they were still reluctant to cooperate with the police. Sometimes they would be found to assist the murderer during the proceeding of very crime. Besides, the charisma the murderer could have may dominate the victim, it is justifiable that maintaining a good relationship with the murderer may help the very victim survive a murder.

To build up a relationship could have been a status quo and could have been lasted for a long time, the victim could have known the murderer for a couple of years while the police could be dropping in only for a short period. The victims have reasons to believe that the police intervention would not last for very long, and these kinds of victims would probably show that Stockholm Syndrome described in Psychology. They would appeal to their own efforts or sometimes they would take that as personality advantages to keep a good relationship with the murderer. Such kind of Stockholm Syndrome sufferers may do some errands for the murderers, speak ill of the police, and even see the murderers as their relatives and refuse to report the crime and their personal sufferings to the police or not cooperate with the police. This is the typical characteristic of the Stockholm Syndrome victims.

Although they are crime victims, sometimes their decision to keep a good relationship with the murderers may help the victims survive a murder. We think that it is possible that at times the murderers would set aside such victims who were still trying to make efforts maintaining relationship, when the murderers had taken enough sacrifices for their murders. This kind of effort to maintain relationship with murderers will pay rewards for the victims, in other words.

DB, November 15, 2012