What Brooklyn officer Michelle had asked was lying in drawer and after 911 in 2001 she became a sergeant under Ralf Liu

English: The Brooklyn Bridge, seen from Manhat...

English: The Brooklyn Bridge, seen from Manhattan, New York City. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What Brooklyn officer Michelle had asked in 2000 was lying in the office drawer and after 911 in 2001 she became a sergeant under Ralf Liu

RE: Reporting for US citizenship green card identity theft of SSN057-86-4042‏
From: David Chang (chaokai_chang@hotmail.com)
Sent: Friday, October 11, 2013 5:18:35 PM
To: AIT American Citizen Services (amcit-ait-t@state.gov)
Cc: First Lady Michelle Obama (info@messages.whitehouse.gov); JAROCorgtw法官協會 (jaroc@judicial.gov.tw)

Dear AIT American Citizen Service:

The Brooklyn borough bureau officer Ms. Michelle from Michigan state in 1996 who had asked those who committed identity theft around year 2000 upon my green card, seemed to be coming to the New York City Brooklyn office to claim that human rights oriented green card of Mr David Chang, SSN057-86-4042, to provide evidence that he* was Mr David Chang and* applied the green card on August 26, 1996, in that Ms Michelle saw Mr David Chang at that time coming to the Brooklyn office in the New York City with Mr Bowei Tan of Polytech university student to apply for the green card and social security number, paid by China Trust credit card for USD$150 and granted immediately by human rights issue, not for financial incoming issue, as the official insisted at that moment, *later after 911 in 2001 she signed to be military Sergeant and became subordinate of agent Mr Ralf Liu that committed the identity theft to abandon morally her original duty.

The following Microsoft SkyDrive JPG-picture attached with this email was a photo of mine shot on August 1, 1996 with Mr Bowei Tan at the Brooklyn Bridge, background with Twin Towers of World Trade Center in 1996, just one day before the CUNY Baruch business graduate program school open day on August 2, 1996. This picture of mine with Mr Bowei Tan could be served as a proof of my present in the New York City in 1996 August to apply for the green card. In addition to my family household registration* transcript which was hand-carried to the New York office but without* being properly attended*, seemed to be left in a* drawer of some desk *in the office* until the 911 terrorist attack in 2000*, this photograph of me with Mr Tan to prove that green card applicant identity on August 26, 1996 should be appeared* earlier in 2000 in the Brooklyn office but somehow the verifying* was delayed, according to some reliable information source revealed.

For your reference,

October 11, 2013,
David CK Chang, SSN057-86-4042, F121485303,
3rd Fl.,204 ChungHsiao Rd., Banciao, New Taipei City, ZIP 22064, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Tel: 886-2-29550553,
Tel: 886-2-89529809, N/A
Mobile: 886-(0)930568181, N/A
0953718256, N/A

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brooklyn bridge






From: chaokai_chang@hotmail.com
To: amcit-ait-t@state.gov
CC: info@messages.whitehouse.gov
Subject: RE: Reporting for US citizenship green card identity theft of SSN057-86-4042
Date: Tue, 8 Oct 2013 20:13:35 +0800

Dear AIT American Citizen Service:

A subversion lawsuit on July 19 was filed against two CIA officers* Mr Liu Dong-Yun and Mr Hsu Shi-Yuan who had been in the local district court as prosecutors, were both alleged to be involved* with the identity theft case upon my social security number account, and the applied green card account* since 1996 August 26 when I had personally* applied for it. I paid part of the regulation fee of USD$150 by my China Trust debit cash card which was* issued from its New York Elmhurst branch of the China Trust Bank*. The misdemeanors of two CIA agents Mr Liu and Mr Hsu were including abuse their official power to mandate a highly prestige Time magazine company to use three digit postal code, instead of the normal five digit postal code for delivering magazines to the house of* subscribing customer. It was manifest to be* an act to whitewash international crimes committed by their comrades.

On this July 26 I have submitted the subscription address cover page of Time magazine with printed three digit postal ZIP* code in address line with five digit ZIP code adding to last of the address line which was redundant and weird. As it was the evidence of the misdemeanors of the two district court prosecutors and CIA agents to mandate the Time company to do that with local post office, I made this legal action *to file a subversion case against the two prosecutors with Time cover as evidence submitted*. The related lawsuit document was shared in Microsoft SkyDrive account with this email in the following. For your reference.

Best Regards,

David CK Chang,
October 8, 2013,
National Central Library, Taipei City
David CK Chang, SSN057-86-4042, F121485303,
3rd Fl.,204 ChungHsiao Rd., Banciao, New Taipei City, 22064, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Tel: 886-2-29550553,
Tel: 886-2-89529809, N/A
Mobile: 886-(0)930568181, N/A
0953718256, N/A

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高檢102他冬418號內亂案7.26陳報證物狀 時代雜誌3碼郵遞區號.docx

From: chaokai_chang@hotmail.com
To: hbreditor@hbr.org; letters@iht.com; enquiries@timeasia.com; msconus@microsoft.com; jaroc@judicial.gov.tw
CC: info@messages.whitehouse.gov; amcit-ait-t@state.gov; emailspoof@citigroup.com; kaja@psychologytoday.com
Subject: FW: Reporting for US citizenship green card identity theft of SSN057-86-4042
Date: Thu, 5 Sep 2013 15:58:14 +0800

Dear HBR magazine, Time magazine, Citibank Visa, and Microsoft:

It’s an identity theft case alleged to….


Further documents for proving Id-theft upon SSN057-86-4042 to subscribe HBR and Time magazines‏

Baruch I-20 1996 letterFrom: David Bryan Chang (chaokai_chang@hotmail.com) Sent: Saturday, March 23, 2013 3:03:05 PM To: HBR Adi Ignatius (hbreditor@hbr.org); enquiries@timeasia.com (enquiries@timeasia.com); irina.lin@quantiumsolutions.com (irina.lin@quantiumsolutions.com) Cc: JAROCorgtw法官協會 (jaroc@judicial.gov.tw); asia_customer@timeasia.com (asia_customer@timeasia.com)

Dear Ms. Irina Lin, Time magazine and HBR magazine:

Further documents for proving the Id-theft upon social security number account SSN057-86-4042 to subscribe to the HBR and Time magazines.

In addition to the email letter which sent today earlier with JPG pictures of my passport M11659963 and 132909476 to be falsified by Mr Ralf Liu and Mr Liu Yang-Liang to be used together with my social security number SSN057-86-4042 to apply green cards from the Ohio and the Washington DC seperately, which was apparent illegal conduct, sir. And Mr Ralf Liu was subscribing to HBR for several years in the New York City and in 2006 subscribing HBR for one year at Taipei. Mr Liu Yang-Liang was subscribing to Time in August 2009 for three or more years, and subscribing to HBR for five years in 2010 April, and both are alleged fraud conducts in identity theft misdemeanor.

Providing further documents for clarifying my social security card number SSN057-86-4042 account in JPG format pictures. The first document was a letter from Baruch College Director Ellen Washington on 1996 April to congratulate my I-20 Form from Baruch MBA program on April 3, 1996. The second document was Baruch MBA program syllabus of 1996 Fall from Prof. Gordon in MIS, Information Systems for Management course. The third document was 1996 Fall MIS course student presentation team six, with my name Chao-Kai Chang on the presenting plan. The fourth document was the homework cover page with grade “Excellent!” of 1996 Fall Baruch MBA course, the Organizational Behavior Management. The instructor was Associate Professor Ms. Tery Mitchel, African ethnic with Harvard Business School DBA degree. These four documents in JPG form could be served to prove that I was present in Baruch while fetched the social security card with number SSN057-86-4042 from Brooklyn Borough Bureau of New York City.

Best Regards,

David CK Chang, SSN057-86-4042, F121485303,
March 23, 2013,
National Central Library,
Taipei City

     David CK Chang
    3rd Fl.,204 ChungHsiao Rd., Banciao District,
        New Taipei City, ZIP 22064, Taiwan, R.O.C.
     Tel: (02)-29550553,
        Tel: 886-2-89529809, N/A
     Mobile: 886-(0)930568181, N/A
                             0953718256, N/A
Student team six 96 Baruch Baruch 1996 OB Homework cover
Baruch I-20 1996 letter
MIS Syllabus 96 Baruch

Bus seat giving up of 1987 civil rights case at Taipei

English: Dr. Martin Luther King giving his &qu...

English: Dr. Martin Luther King giving his “I Have a Dream” speech during the March on Washington in Washington, D.C., on 28 August 1963. Español: Dr. Martin Luther King dando su discurso “Yo tengo un sueño” durante la Marcha sobre Washington por el trabajo y la libertad en Washington, D.C., 28 de agosto de 1963. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Taipei City Bus seat giving up morality forum of 1987 civil rights case at Taipei, which executed an African ethnic man defending the high school student Chang’s seat

1. From the government website searched result, I found this paragraph about the bus seat civil rights case:

Overview of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964

Title VI, 42 U.S.C. 2000d et seq., was enacted as part of the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964. It prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, and national origin in programs and activities receiving federal financial assistance. As President John F. Kennedy said in 1963:
Simple justice requires that public funds, to which all taxpayers of all races [colors, and national origins] contribute, not be spent in any fashion which encourages, entrenches, subsidizes or results in racial [color or national origin] discrimination…


2. From search result from the Internet,

On December 1, 1955, Rosa Parks, a seamstress in Montgomery, Alabama, refused to give up her seat on a public bus to a white man who had boarded the bus after she did. At that time, public buses in the South were segregated, and African-Americans not only had to ride in the back of the bus, but also had to give up their seats to any white person who wanted to sit. Ms. Parks was arrested and taken to jail for refusing to give up her seat. On December 5, 1955, African-Americans in Montgomery began a boycott of the public buses led by a minister who had recently come to the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Montgomery, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The peaceful boycott continued for 381 days during which time 90% of the African-Americans in Montgomery refused to ride the buses. At the end, the buses in Montgomery were desegregated.

Public Accommodations and Facilities
Title II of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination in places of public accommodation because of race, color, religion, or national origin. Places of public accommodation are hotels, motels, restaurants, movie theaters, stadiums, and concert halls.


3. The 1987 and 1996 cases description:

The US sergeant Ms Eva Ivory before August 14, 1994 death at Taipei City, she raised a civil rights case of Taipei city bus in 1987 and directly refer to me, a Taipei County citizen. From unknown source, the case was described as that when 1987 I was a high school student, one day on the bus to be asked to give up seat to a stranger as they usually did at Taipei area, an agent chose defending my seat was executed. At the moment from intangible message notifying that an Africa ethnic man with his young son, expressed their opinion that it was wrong to ask the boy give up seat on bus, and they would like to defend that high school student’s bus seat. But they seemed to be arguing with local military agents within some kind of forum, finally when the high school boy gave up the bus seat to a stranger, the African ethnic seat defender was executed by choosing from a group of agents who were eligible by the argument defending seat that the authority could not force the boy to give up seat on a bus. The African ethnic man and his young son were said both signing military contracts to enter that forum argument, then the young son was said to be evil for that defending argument. But the young man was getting away with that argument, not knowing his father was executed. From some unknown source it was said that “the day was his birthday.” I remember that the young man before entering the forum just days before told me that he was my classmate, that he ever came to Taipei County to attend the Hai-Shang Junior High School for several classes.

That was before he signed that military contract and decided to make the defending on my bus seat in a military agent forum. The executed African ethnic person, later was said to be the young man’s father. The case was described as when the bus seat giving up on the city bus by the high school boy, me, there was a video tape recorded in film, sending to the USA and United Nations, and the tape was concerned with an African ethnic man’s execution by the agency authority. Related persons in the forum were identified for several ones at that time, including a female American, who was Ms Jessica Han(a.k.a. Maria, that name was originally used by Ms Hillary Rodham to write a column in the China Times, but Maria said that was her name when she came to our high school class to see us) mother of one of my high school classmates Mr Ren Qian-wen.

Nine years later in August 1996, when I went to New York City with I-20 and F1-Visa of CUNY Baruch business school graduate program, there was a civil rights case of city bus submitted from Taipei authority to US Congress for review, which mentioned on August 5, 1996 during a hearing of United Nations Abuse Child Case related civil rights case filed by a New York lawyer but dismissed on the very day at New York City. On August 8, 1996 at YMCA, Philadelphia, on an extracurricular activity occasion, I had met the Holland diplomat daughter Ms Julia Kirby, and there mentioned that the city bus civil rights case related privy of USA nationality bringing up the executed victim in 1987 bus seat surrendering case to the congress and the United Nations for review, one of the authority was then US President Mr Bill Clinton, but was only with dialogue and questions not clearly identified. As far as I know, this civil rights case of bus giving up seat situation in 1987 was recorded by video film of me and submitted to be filed by the United Nations and the US Congress. But in August 1996 the video submitted with the civil rights case was another 1987 high school student who was attending the same high school as me but was citizen of Taipei City, not Taipei County. The civil rights case in August 1996 was referred to me again when the executed African agent case mentioned. I was at that time attending CUNY Baruch business graduate program at New York City. Within only several hours later, my grandmother Mrs Chang Wang-Me died on August 9, 1996 Taipei Time at Taipei Veteran General Hospital at Taipei City, due to medical gross negligent faults with heavy cold hospitalized but with surgery of a heart operation died on August 9. It was said the case was directly related to the 1987 bus civil rights case discussed at the moment in 1996 Philadelphia YMCA and August 5, 1996 civil rights case filed to the Federal Court at New York City. Identified as Mr Wu Jin-qin, my mother Mrs Wu’s step-mother’s son in August 1996 at Taipei County San-Shia military coordinating and information office, seemed to admit that he was in the forum 1987, and the other related privy was including my high school classmate’s mother Jessica Han(Maria), who just came back to the USA and married to her son Ren Qian-wen’s father, Mr Ren Nian-Chao(a.k.a. Ren Da-Nian, Cao Wen-Sheng, Harvard Law School alumni) because Mr Cao’s newly title of the Marshal of Military Police and president of National Chiao Tung University(NCTU) looked good and eligible to be her husband. They were in the United States of American at the moment in 1996.

Mr MP Marshal Cao Wen-sheng also submitted a CIA contract candidate for review in my name without notifying me in advance. That CIA contract candidate review was selected on August 1, 1996, with complaints of the displeased Madam Chiang Soong Mei-ling that the quota in 1996 was limited to be only two contracts available. It was then hinted by aide that she had one candidate of young son suitable for the contract at the time in California, Mr Miao, and the other was at New York City, Mr Lien. “If the contract quota limited to only two, then this ‘Child Abuse Case’ candidate from the United Nations civil rights case which was initiated in 1979 (by Mrs Hillary R. Clinton), the quota should assign to your own quota number since you had been the US first lady.” The dialogue content was such as this. Therefore, at that moment I was out on the street at New York City, facing such situation and the US First Lady(at that time I did not have her name) asking me if I would plan to sign that CIA contract submitted by Marshal Mr Cao, I was asking a question instead of directly answering the US first lady.  Firstly I was stating the background for energy abuse harassment and for my sister’s prescription drug intake since 1987, I would be counted in the civil rights fighters if the US first lady would need a civil rights henchman. But for the lesson USA first lady teaching us in the previous years that the civil rights case would exclude agent contract signing university students, as Ms Hillary Rodham in 1980’s coming back to Taipei transferring the child abuse case to Taipei local Ms Chen Chu and answered that she could not handle the civil rights case for certain reason although she was a Yale University student eligible for civil rights care, some of the Taipei County government officer explained to us that it was because Ms Hillary Rodham had signed a military contract. Therefore in August 1996 I answered by a question instead, that if I devoted to the civil rights case, I would not sign the CIA contract, and I asked then USA First Lady Mrs Hillary R. Clinton that should I sign that contract. I could not see the US first lady, but on the street with intangible message, she answered me that she could not decide it for me. Just two days later, on August 3, 1996, another of my classmate Mr Liu Dong-Yun with his father making a donation of around NTD$ 200,000,000 to the Democratic Party political fund, the US First Lady Mrs Hillary R. Clinton also took a personal picture with him under this fund donation situation as with me who was without any money donation on August 2, 1996 of the City University of New York Baruch College school open day(I think that the ceremony of Baruch College school open day was held probably with agency celebrating festival at the same place). And then Mr Liu signed the contract of one of the two quota mentioned by Madam Chiang Soong-Mei-Ling previously.

DB, SSN057-86-4042, December 22, 2012

Fading like a flower

Diagram of Maslow's hierarchy of needs.

Diagram of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. When the first Stone Age primitive raised the stone to hit the small animal, the power of violence come to dominate a new era after the Jurassic period hiding from the dinosaur as the prey. Where’s Julia been to before Jack Forman seeking her to the white wall laboratory of Xymos in Nevada desert? We see in the novel that she hit her daughter so hard to be recorded, would she finally survive with Jack Forman? I think that Jack’s daughter Nicole and Amanda who playing with Jack’s son Eric should be a blonde, and maybe I might have met her in New York City or elsewhere before. Whatever the endgame will turn out to be, they may be just fading like a flower, just like the lyrics in Sweden singer Roxette’s song.

What if your university instructor introduced herself by saying that, “Call me Mississippi”? Does she mean that she is a Miss Hippie? Just like Miss Rose, Miss University, Miss China, cream of the cream, crop of the crop, something like that? No, it’s the lyrics from pop singer Train’s Drops of Jupitor. It is not what Carl Jung said in his personality theory. But we can still find that in psychology discipline of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory. Physiological needs and safety needs, for example, must be satisfied before the higher level needs such as self-actualization needs. Women are often encouraged to pursue their own career and stay in the office waiting for promotion, but somehow they would not ignore the glass ceiling existed in their career life. On the other hand, men should plan for themselves to accumulate enough resource to get that promotion done. For men, isn’t it just ironic?

My pen pal in university freshman year was an English major whose campus was at Taipei. She wrote me to say that she was of a short stature, and her letter paper was printed with Tom Cruise’s figure as watermark. She enclosed a maple leaf with the letter and told me that a senior with tall figure help her to get that maple leaf. We did not keep in touch with each other since my freshman year ended. She did not contact me either. Hmm, was that sort of relationship we could say to be fading like a maple leaf?

DB, November 24, 2012

Perjury of a synthesized photo

[C] Café

[C] Café (Photo credit: anieto2k)

According to local information source, last November the US criminal investigating officials ever provided the picture of murder suspect mentioned on my November 6, 2012 essay “Patterns; Legal System Field Survey Report”, to the local police and law court authority for the inquiry purpose. The Taiwan famous computer company CEO and relative of the murder victim had one copy of that photo to review during the murder investigation, and I was as their neighbor to know it from the neighborhood community which they both lodged. The location of that photo was at a nearby internet cafe which the CEO’s young son were shot dead across the street. The timing of that photo taken was within 72 hours after the murder happened in last August. On the photo there were several foreigners with one or two Taiwanese shown chatting and laughing on it, one of the Taiwanese was said to be the district court prosecutor with central intelligent agent identity, the other was said to be one of my university classmates. As the information source revealed, the local police and court authority was submitting another synthesized picture with my face and figure appeared on the photo to answer the US official investigating query just before this whole year of baloney libel law suit without any necessary legal elements to consist the crime. That was kind of perjury to the US investigating officials, you know. That internet cafe at nearby was opened by a Council Member of Changhua County and relative of the 2008 March 24 executed victim of a miscarriage of justice from a 2004 libel case indicted and settled to jail. The internet cafe was transferred to nearby grocery store owner around the same timing, probably this April. Before the internet cafe was transferred from the county council member to the grocery owner there were coffee and beer provided at the bar in the internet cafe, and the photo was shot when the murder suspects from Kiwanis camp pulled the coffee table to the front door to have all of them chatting and laughing in the photo.

Actually, on October 29, 2012 my blue planner was taken within the New Taipei City Library, or simply in law that the planner was only forgotten by the privy myself in the library to be just lost. On that day in the New Taipei City Library there could be found several special agents in plain clothes hanging out in the computer facility room, apparently for the purpose of collecting information and related evidences. There were apparent energy harassment in addition to the computer network unstable problems upon the privy myself before the planner forgotten on the computer table. In my lost blue planner, there were detail records of the date and expense of my hang out to that nearby internet cafe where the murder suspects pictures were shooting. It was started from April 20 2012 when the Apollo Internet Cafe opposite to my house was closed in this April, well after the murder date which was supposed to happen in last August of 2011. That synthesized picture with my face and figure shown on it was supposed to be shot by the camera of the 85-degree C Cafe Coffee and Bread Shop nearby my house when I made a six months duration of monthly fixed amount consumption within their 85-degree C Cafe Coffee and Bread Shop just after 2008 May my patronized McDonald’s NO.79 outlet nearby my house was closed. The 85-degree C Cafe Coffee and Bread Shop which I had an oral quarrel in the National Central Library with their owners because I could not stand the energy harassment and also stopped making any consumption there after 2008 December.

Also according to the local information source that in addition to the district court prosecutor, there was a local judge involved the perjury but the local information source did not mention any apparent reason or motive that the judge would involve with this perjury of a synthesized picture which was sent to the US investigating officials for a murder investigation. Besides, the criminal police officer was supposed to be within the implication and arrested me in November 2004 from the McDonald’s and on December 29, 2011 arrested me from my house, without any justifiable reasons. The criminal police officer was in some kind of dispute out of the agent contact signing quota issue, quarreled with that prosecutor and my university classmate in 2002 within the neighboring community, but that university classmate was not the same one who appeared on the internet cafe photo mentioned by my November 6, 2012 essay “Patterns; Legal System Field Survey Report”. That criminal police officer was also a prosecutor since last year to pass a national government officer examination but without any case presided in the district court.

Later in 2002 the criminal police officer signed a contract from then Taipei City mayor to be an undercover agent to investigate the community where the criminal police officer quarreled with my classmate and the prosecutor because they both dropped him from the signing of the agent contract, in which community the USA FBI agents Ms Suzuki and Ms Chelsea in 2002 summer came to investigate the elementary pupil Kelly car accidental death case and thereafter some coerced sex cases happened and reported from the very community. The criminal police officer was ever heard to have complaint that the US central intelligence agent quota was occupied by the prosecutor and local NSB agent contract quota was occupied by my university classmate, and he was said to be jealous of me because these two high level agents were all mentioned as my classmates. He should be mistaken me to be having that kind of privilege to sign the high level agent contract in priority order just like my classmates signed their contracts, and therefore depriving his chance to sign the USA or local agent contract. Actually, I did not have any of that contract signed. That was ever since the day on August 2, 1996 I was with my F1-Visa status, I counselled with then USA First Lady Mrs Hillary R. Clinton in the New York City, that I should not sign the central intelligence agent contract but to take care of the civil rights case of my sister and my case as well as a civilian not in a military agent status. I thought that I had a tacit grant of nodding alike there in the New York City. But just in days after my grandmother died on August 9, 1996 at Taipei City in the hospital, the third party source informed me in the New York City that the USA first lady signed my classmate of that prosecutor because my classmate of that prosecutor in charge of a political fund was pending which was previously planning to donate several hundred million New Taiwan Dollars to the Democratic Party account, and probably she was also considering her father Mr Hugh Rodham’s death case on November 12, 1990 at Taipei Hospital would need somebody to follow up. It was not for the concerns of my sister or my civil rights case. Nevertheless, I never signed any agent contract to occupy the quota which that the criminal police officer complained to deprive his chance and envy of me to have that privilege.

My university classmate was mentioned in the fifth case of my November 6, 2012 essay “Patterns; Legal System Field Survey Report”, killed in the Thailand male singer and local female singer related disputes. That university classmate of mine was said to apply for signing a central intelligence agent contract and had himself under agency review to be in a recruit training status. The agent contract seemed to be rejected earlier in this year. My university classmate had a high school age daughter, was said to be missing from a false car accident and hospital mistreat since last connected in March this year. The first thing we have to make out is that whether one or two of the victims, the father and the daughter, are survived, or if both of the victims are all deceased. If the daughter was not dead, she probably was with her binding agent status to observe her father in his recruit status in the killing. If the victims are both alive, it is reasonable that they could be found in Shanghai, New York, California, or the other areas in Taiwan which their agency contracts would allow them to perform their missions in these places. If in these places could not find them, they were supposed to be vanished and deceased. We could find out that such criminal case was suited into a well-recognized pattern that in order to prevent the relative of the recruit to bother the military training too much, such criminal case would happen in an acceptable probability ratio and in a kind of natural occasion. That is the pattern we discovered in such a criminal case.

DB, November 17, 2012

You’ve Got Mail. But where is Meg Ryan?

‪中文(繁體)‬: 新北市立圖書館新店分館3樓流通櫃檯。

‪中文(繁體)‬: 新北市立圖書館新店分館3樓流通櫃檯。 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday I lost my blue planner in the library at New Taipei City. That’s because I was too eager for adding the Chinese language translation of my essay to the Plurk microblog and rushed out the library to forget the planner on the library computer table before the library alerted the readers that the library would close within ten minutes. But how come it would be that? Would it be that I tried McDonald’s newly outlet farther from the library near the HsinPu subway entrance and skipped the old outlet of McDonald’s in front of the City Council near the very library, and which the McDonald’s owners were hiring New York City lawyers for their lawsuit currently proceeding in district court with that I am the privy? So inconvenient and so abrupt that if someone still keep watching me so as to hurt their eyes when they have observed my activity in that instead of this fast food restaurant? Or if it only because I had mentioned that I would rather leave this WORLD(World of the Warcraft online game) and go to the Hollywood movies in local cinema complex of that Canadian IMAX? Was it that some stupid brigade of citizens consistently coming near and catching me on the city bus route to Taipei City from the suburbs now being the French Quarter of New Taipei City, rehearsing again and again what that 1996 AmTrek train bound to Long Island of New York State of Long Beach that to the political concerns to be afraid of that assassinators would find and intercept me to threaten my life in the states? Before yesterday I lost the planer at the New Taipei City Library around PM 4:55 library close time putting on the computer table, on the city bus on route back to New Taipei City from Taipei City Carrefour mall, that city bus Korean Hyundai pilot system was taking up additional ticket fare of NTD$15 besides when I got on the bus in front of the French Carrefour Mall at Taipei City with NTD$7 ticket fare paid, that could be intended to annoy me before the planer de facto was taken. That, if only that was a plot, could be caught off guard, that could be said to be committed, with measurable intent, able to be recorded as evidence, except that it would not be a civil rights issue without morality of preaching purpose to distinguish itself from that crap, crust, and the crest of the hill where a Ryan or a Wright would normally dwell in. Did you know where was Ryan? That pretty Meg Ryan in the Hollywood movie, You’ve Got Mail? Don’t know? Find it, and you would get the answer. Will you?

Today at New Taipei City Library I filled a seeking for lost personal belongings form to register that lost blue planer, also I went to the Carrefour mall counter at Taipei City to write down my name and address with telephone number to ask for assistance to find that blue planer.

David Chang, SSN057-86-4042,

October 30, 2012

Climate Change

Apple Mac Carabiner

Apple Mac Carabiner (Photo credit: acordova)

What brought you in your university days to take a course of junior English oral class when you were only a sophomore and made a climate change presentation in front of the senior? Not that destiny Knight of the the Templar bumped into you to show kind of epiphany but a brochure of nuclear electric power from your father’s company conveniently put upon your table for you to scanned to the laser printer to be ready material as a base to present. That was not of carbon reducing incentive, only providing rhetoric rich in ideas, at least in your university year. But that is essential background for building up university democracy, isn’t it? Recently I have some ideas which was actually coming to my sense, but in the states of related evidence of promising law school students to prepare for school debates or thesis project, sometimes they have got their own Apple Mac i-books to search for the serendipitous results of unknown apart realm of a controversial subject, also as a base for their presentation materials. That would be sort of university forum to sponsor that analysis and research, for engineering discipline or for law school subject as well. Could we say these are the same thing?

Climate change. Yes, long term weather report has dynamic outcomes to show you now that it is autumn. Even in this ever spring island of the Far East part of the globe, you could feel the difference. Can we take the business class jet and at the same time reduce the carbon footprint? It was not your Harris tweed jacket, not the video game of ranger class, not the college English class, but an European tour British Airway BA business class. Didn’t George W. Bush years later release news to the press that he boarded the same airline? At least I saw that BA mark printed on the airplane in the media. It was a round trip ticket offered to me from Zurich to Frankfurt, with Zurich citizen persuading me to stay and some orient tourist notified to be my classmate and Citibank Visa Gold call center message. Yes, climate change in a situation such as this, and all we can feel that the weather has changed. Not weather, that’s called climate.

All right. Last time I was ready to meet the press, that was outdoors in the local cinema complex, just waiting. A local media with their camera shooting around to come by my side to ask me. I can feel that they would like to ask me how I feel in that occasion. Maybe I was just thinking too much. There was no such thing they would come to find me. Feel free to find a standby passenger to make an interview for their television program. Not really, it was dubious that a wretch such as me who was only with the police record to be stolen car owner, or actually only a driver of that engine number masked Toyota 1.6 class. I heard that car as a company free gift sample originally produced only as 1500 cc engine but to be rebuilt engine part as 1600 cc. How austere would a customer to do with that crime over a decade without a final resort? Your counterpart not only built relationship by a contract in glamorous general rank with your colony lords but also was hiring assassinator covered by your own people to approach you in front of their own motel chain. Would you need some additional facility to boost up your emotional intelligence or social intelligence? Climate change, I think that for a mother-xxcker like you need was to hear the department advice around that year, to go to visit your doctor and do some intake. That was one of the most intimate person except for your own mother since decades ago you still was a baby. Not that relationship built up in the New York City with a photo shooting on the school open day but an intimate relationship since several months old. I think just like Mr George W. Bush told us what he thinks that you should listen to your mother, and I think that I should also listen to her. All right.

DB, October 27, 2012